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Previously Unpublished Works by Frater Achad

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Through the efforts of Frater 117 of Yggdrasil Camp, O.T.O. and Bishop T. Allen Greenfield, a number of new articles by Frater Achad are being released to the public. These articles will first be published (along with commentary and annotations by Bishop Greenfield) in Mjollnir, a quarterly journal from Yggdrasil Camp, which will be available online in Adobe Acrobat format.

For convenience, an unannotated HTML version of each article will be posted here, along with a link to the corresponding issue of Mjollnir for those who wish to read Bishop Greenfield's commentary.

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The Treasure House of Achad -- Mjollnir vol. 1, no. 1.pdficonsmall.gif (947 bytes) PDF version only. An introduction to this series of Achad works by T. Allen Greenfield. (Warning: this is a BIG file.)

Belief vs. Knowledge -- An essay contrasting religious belief with direct spiritual experience. From Mjollnir vol. 1, no. 2.pdficonsmall.gif (947 bytes)

Mirrors of Life -- Concerning subjective relativism and freedom of awareness. From Mjollnir vol. 1, no. 3.

Freedom -- Concerning the enjoyment of life and living. From Mjollnir vol. 1, no. 4.

Untitled Letter to the Universal Brotherhood -- Concerning Right Knowledge. From Mjollnir v.2 no. 4.

Thinking Backwards -- Concerning Crowley's method of discovering "past lives". From Mjollnir v2 no. 3

Nothing -- Concerning the abandonment of all finite characteristics. From Mjollnir v2 no. 1