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Card from listener in Santa Cruz

From David in Pitt Mdws, BC
Aerial view of downtown Vancouver with False Creek off to the right and the Burrard Inlet and Northshore mountains to the left.

Card from Marc in Omaha, NE
The Fallen Angels 1833
By Francois-Edouard Cibot
Oil on Canvas, 49” x 37.5”
Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha

Card from Earnest in Great Barrington, MA

Card from Anthony

Card from Andres in New York, NY
New York City - This classic 1947 image depicts the bustling city on its way to becoming a world center of culture, arts and finance.

Card from A. in Weaverville, NC

Card from Frater R.O.O.

Card from Michael in Tucson, AZ
Levitation of the Baby by Edward Gorey

Card from J. in Citrus Heights, CA
Sacremento, California
Sacramento today is a fast growing city with a tasteful blend of history and progress. Rising out of miles of flat agricultural land is a growing city skyline, punctuated by the famous capital dome.
Photograph by Maggie McGurk

Card from LVX15
Rejected Talisman

Card from Christopher in Audubon. NJ
The Island
24” x 36”
Acrylic on Canvas

Card from Clinton in Baltimore, Maryland
Martyrdom of St. Sebastian
by Vincenzo Foppa
(Brescia 1427 c. - 1515 c.)

Card from C. in Tucson, AZ
Entrance Portico of the Cranbrook Art Acedemy , Bloomfield Hills, MI
“Architechture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of volumes brought together in light.” Le Corbusier
“T” is for Thelema Coast to Coast

Card from S. in Columbus, Ohio
Hopi Farmer
Leslie Koyawena searches the sky in hopeful anticipation of rain. The Hopi use dry farming techniques similar to those practiced by their ancestors over a millennium ago. Corn, squash, beans and melons are the main crops grown.
Vision of the Southwest by Jerry Jacka

Card from Fred, Atlanta, GA
The All-Powerful Hand, Mexican, ninteeth century, in Palmistry by Ann Fiery, 1998.

Postcard from Breck, Dallas, TX
Illustration by Vladimir Zimakov.

Postcard from Kent in Cheektowaga, NY
Hand of Fatime U.3 - &
“Study the are very well, and you will find many occult symbols.” - Kent

Spekkhogger - Killer Whales, Tysfjord, Norway.
“I believe that these images at least could conjure ideas of the phallic nature of Norway.”

The Aztec calendar in the Museum of Anthropology, Mexico.

“The Divine Composition of Man”
by Frater Audcal

Copulating 1984
Alex Grey
Oil on Linen 75 x 96 IN.
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Lady with Mushrooms, 1912
Photograph by Ernest Bloch

Postcard from Steven in Glastonbury, UK

Postcard from Aaron in Seattle, WA
Card designed by Aaron.

Postcard from Gwendolyn in Gorham, ME

Postcard from Frater Tanranin
Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, sparkles in the evening twilight.

Postcard from Jeff in Hovertown, PA
Egyptian Astro Profile: Thoth

Postcard from Michel in Ottawa, ON, Canada
The Parliament Buildings in winter.
Les edifices du Parlement en hiver.

Postcard from Kelly in Lawton, Oklahoma
‘Temple Card’ designed by Kelly.

Postcard from Scott in Felton, California

Postcard from Fred in Boulder, Colorado

Postcard from Christian in Soeredgrend, Norway
“Return of the King”
by Peter E. Pracownik

Postcard from Luiz in Munick, Germany
“Everybody knows that Aleister Crowley made it on the cover of the Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band…But can you actually spot him?”

Postcard from Michael in Ottawa, Canada
“Portrait of a Prophet”
by Mike Smith

Postcard from Thomas in Kanagawa, Japan
The Great Buddha of Kamakura

Postcard from Ariana in Eugene, OR

Postcard from J. in Athens, GA
“No! Please Don’t” 1997 by Jan Saudek
From the book:
Jan Saudek, Photographs 1987-1997

Postcard from Christian in Soeredgrend, Norway
Norge. Grimstad. (Grimstad, Norway)

Postcard from Trish in Kent, United Kingdom
“Faery Muse” by Linda Ravenscroft

Postcard from Brent in Eureka Springs, Arizona.
The Road West, New Mexico, 1938.
Photograph by Dorothea Lange.
“What is to give light must endure burning.”
– Viktor Frankl

Postcard from Bob in Cornwall, England.
No. 43. The Realm of the Wood Nymph
From the original pastel painting
by Barrington Coleby, 1989

Postcard from Thomas in Brockville, ON, Canada.
Salvador Dali, Quick Still Life, 1956
Salvador Dali Museum, The Reynolds Morse Foundation, Cleveland

Postcard from Clive in Bucks, England

Postcard entitled: “The man who saw sounds”

Postcard from Gerald in Portland, OR.
How We Get There Matters
Order of Thelemic Knights

Postcard from J. in Salem, MA:

Salem, Massachusetts
First settled in 1629, Salem is one of the oldest towns in Amaerica. It has interesting museums, historic homes, tourist attractions and natural seaside beauty.
Salem was for many years a shipping center noted for trade with the Orient.
The famous withc trials of 1692 that resulted in the hanging of 19 people gave the city its nickname.

Postcard from Greg in Turlock, CA

Postcard from Gwendolyn in Calgary, AB, Canada:
Utamaro: Selecting a Poem a Love Phrase. “UKIYOE”

Postcard from Caroline in Iowa City, IA on which she writes:
Cold eyelids that hide like a jewel
Hard eyes that grow soft for an hour;
The heavy white limbs, and the cruel
Red mouth like a venomous flower;
When these are gone by with their glories,
What shall rest of thee then, what remain,
O mystic and sombre Dolores,
Our Lady of Pain?

– Swinburne

Postcard from Jason in Ocean Park, WA
Citta’ Del Vaticano, Michalangelo e la Cappella Sistina: The Prophet Isaiah.

Postcard from Philip in Bethlemhem, PA of Ethel Archer, A∴A∴ student of Aleister Crowley and contributor to The Equinox.

Postcard of ‘Formula of Zos vel Thanatos’ by Austin Osman Spare from Alistair in Devon, England.

Hand drawn postcard of Aleister Crowley made by Sassy in Bronx, NY.

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