Selections from The Book of Lies


At four o’clock there is hardly anybody in Rumpel-
I have my choice of place and service; the babble of
the apes will begin soon enough.
“Pioneers, O Pioneers!”
Sat no Elijah under the Juniper-tree, and wept?
Was not Mohammed forsaken in Mecca, and Jesus
in Gethsemane?
These prophets were sad at heart; but the chocolate
at Rumpelmayer’s is great, and the Mousse Noix
is like Nepthys for perfection.
Also there are little meringues with cream and
chestnut-pulp, very velvety seductions.
Sail I not toward LAYLAH within seven days?
Be not sad at heart, O prophet; the babble of the
apes will presently begin.
Nay, rejoice exceedingly; for after all the babble of
the apes the Silence of the Night




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