Note January 1 2005


section1/ and section2/ have been restored to the directory.


There are strict bandwidth limits associated with this site.

While I can get quite a bit of bandwidth on a monthly basis, I cannot get enough to support heavy/abusive users of this site.

I would like to keep this site open and available to everyone. But I need users of this site to do their part.

Basically, I am asking people to SHOW SOME RESTRAINT when copying files. You cannot read every file at once - so take a few, then come back later. I have promised that this site will stay active for a minimum of two years (as of April 2004), so please relax and take your time.

Some suggestions:

1. Bookmark the site, and come back as you need files. Don't copy EVERYTHING at once.

2. Share files with students and others, instead of just directing people here.

3. Realize that quite a few of these files are available elsewhere. Blackmask, Horrormasters and Sacred Texts, among other sites, have many of them.

4. Understand that the purpose of this site is to give people access to texts they might not be able to get otherwise. For example, if you already have print copies of the Shakespeare texts, do you really need to get them here?

Not everyone can afford to purchase all these texts, and many have no access to decent libraries. Don't shut out the people who can truly use this resource.

5. Take down this e-mail address: I will be happy to send you any files you need, via e-mail or snail mail.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


1. In section2/carroll/extra/:

Two beautiful new files of Alice in Wonderland and The Hunting of the Snark have been added, courtesy of Fr. N.T.N.T.

2. Virtually every file in the Gems and Holy Books directories has been updated.

This was done in early October.

3. Section 1 has a ton of updates as well, and the entire section has been redone.

(That was actually unintentional - in replacing files I inadvertently deleted the entire section1 directory.) So not everything in there is new, but quite a lot is. Too many to list, even.

*The Erdmann has been replaced.*

One nice addition - Volume 1 of Rivers of Life, along with the Synoptical Table.

4. Four files of Comte de Gabalis page scans have been added.

NOTE: I am looking for a nicer PDF of The Arabian Nights.

Possible files and updates to come:

1. A subdirectory with PDFs of myths and folklore

2. Volume 2 of Rivers of Life, plus maps and a chart.

3. I have several pages of changes to make, in several areas, and have been dragging my feet a bit on it, but notice will be given here when the changes/updates are made.

Any questions, complaints, requests or suggestions should be e-mailed to:

93 93/93