The mission

The future of is an exciting thing of which to be part. The content on in The Hermetic Library has been an important part of the esoteric community online. The relationship has obvious reciprocal benefits as people can find what they are searching for and more people are attracted to the site. The Hermetic Library is a part of the community, and should be fully engaged as a service in general to the world, which we think is sorely in need of more Hermeticism and all that entails.

If you are familiar with the site you may already notice a few changes, but we will continue to roll out more as time goes by. We will I have keep to the spirit and excellence of the site while adding content and improving existing old pages. We are working to introduce the site to a wider audience, including adding a presence on social networking sites and other ways to engage the audience of people coming to the site.

We are continue to be excited to work with the people who have sponsored sites already as we also continue to update and improve content across the entire site. And, we are looking for new content and building new relationships.

Part of the current mission of The Hermetic Library is to modernize the way our content is presented. That includes becoming part of the social network, and creating ways for people to participate with us in improving the content through feedback.

There is now publicly displayed information about how to get in contact with us, and we've begun to include tools on pages so that people can let us know if there's something on a page that needs to be edited or if they've got an idea they want to share.

We've developed ways to make announcements featuring incremental or monthly updates to the site, to keep awareness about the site fresh by posting those to The Hermetic Library accounts on Facebook and Twitter … and from there inform the world!

We aim to make the site more friendly and easier to navigate. We are also making it easier for users of the site to let others know about the content by adding social bookmarking links to each of the pages. There will be some links to purchase books through Amazon for not only content that’s on the site but also for content that can only be found in print, so people can easily find the material to build their their personal library even as they might also use the site to search for a quote or material.

There is increasing benefit from interaction with not just the context of the text, but of the audience to the text, the authors to the audience, and the audience to the audience. That means also relationships with partner websites, and organizations, including creating cross-references.

We’re trying to create the ideal conditions for the emergence of an integral esoteric bio-mechanical social web of interdependent physical, intertextual and hypertext forms … or, to coin a term, the Interintegregor!

The Feedback

Well, this is where you come in. Yes, you. You’ve gotten to this site, maybe you are even a devoted user. Heck, you must be devoted to have read this far, right? But, even if you’re new to the site and have just started to explore what’s here, you’re part of this. Thank you very much for being a part of the history of what has made a great site on the Internet, and we look forward to working with you in the future.