Chapter XII

Our intention was not that this should be a long treatise, but rather to give the gist of our discoveries to the world, thus allowing the inexhaustible treasures of this System to be minded and used by any who desire to grasp the opportunity.

But this work would not be complete unless we had a few words to say upon the possibilities of using this Plan as a basis upon which to build a new and more glorious Temple than has been conceived in the past, by the mind of Man.

My first appeal is therefore made to all Architects, and it is made in the Name of the Great Architect of the Universe, the Designs of Whose Trestle-Board, we cannot but feel, have been transmitted to us in such a marvelous manner.

The author feels that this represents the revelation of the “Formative Plane” of the Holy Qabalah, which contains the Influence of the “Archetypal” and “Creative” Worlds, and through which the Material Universe came into manifestation.

The discoveries in regard to the marvelous properties of the “Vesica Piscis” and the “Trinity in Unity” so much influenced the minds of Men in the Middle Ages, that a vast number of beautiful Gothic Cathedrals were planned and built with every detail lovingly worked out so as to symbolize the highest religious truths then open to the minds of men, in a material form. These Gothic structures are certainly admitted to be the most beautiful in design, but to some extent the secret of their proportions has been lost. The Spirit behind such buildings has been overlooked, and modern Architects have not had the same urge and impulse towards planning such perfect work. But even in Gothic Churches, the symbolism of the Ground Plans was comparatively narrow in conception, and principally based on the Christian ideas of the Cross, although of course the Cross has a wonderful Natural symbolism which is far older than what we term Christianity.

But never before, perhaps, in the History of Mankind, has it been so necessary that a Universal Temple be built; never before, perhaps, have the plans been available.

When we realize that the “Tree of Life” not only partakes of all the properties of the “Vesica Piscis” but in addition to symbolizing the Mysteries of the Trinity, is capable of forming a Symbolic Basis for every Idea in the Universe, Natural, Human, and Divine (as a slight study of the Qabalistic System will prove to any intelligent person); what a wonderful Ground Plan does it make for a Universal Temple, when we consider the possibilities of its indefinite Multiplication as a Sixfold Star, its Prismatic Proportions, etc. This should be sufficient to fire the minds of the World's Greatest Architects with enthusiasm to work out Designs for the First Great Temple built directly upon the Nature Formative Plans of the Grand Architect of the Universe. In such a Temple all Nations and Peoples might well meet to give praise to the One Whose Absolute Wisdom and Supreme Intelligence has built this Universe, and made it possible for created Man to comprehend its hidden Designs and to become a conscious co-operator in the Divine Plan.

My next appeal is to those in temporal charge of the Spiritual welfare of Mankind; the Heads of the various Religions of the World, those who claim to hold the Divine Authority for the instruction of Humanity and have charge of the welfare of the souls. A Universal Teaching is needed, based upon simple and intelligible lines. A teaching that at once conforms with true Science and with the Universal experience of Humanity. Hitherto, the Great Teachers and founders of Religions have come to certain nations, or countries, and have taught a suitable doctrine for the particular climate and people to which their Mission led them. No public universal teaching has hitherto been possible on account of the lack of proper means of communication. Today we have the means of flashing the truth to every part of the globe in a few minutes. There is no longer any reason why a Universal Teaching should not be obtained and given to all humanity. Such an ideal condition cannot be brought about while there is contention and schism and conflicting basic ideas within the Churches themselves. I do not say that all humanity should be taught exactly alike, but I do say that there is but One Truth, and that One Truth is back of every exterior organization, however differently it may be interpreted.

Symbolically, at least, our present plan proves itself to be the basis of the Catholic Mysteries; it is undoubtedly the basis of the lost Jewish Tradition, which itself came from Egypt. It is the basis of Pythagorean Philosophy, of Geometry; it is the basis of the Rosicrucian Mysteries, as well as of Masonry, and will prove itself to be the Key to the Mysteries of the Secret Schools.

There is no reason why a Temple built on such perfect symbolism should not be equally sacred to Jewish, Catholic, Masonic, and other Religious and Philosophical divisions of Humanity, wherein each could behold the Mysteries of their Tradition and realize that they are of the same Divine Origin. Scientifically, since every drop of water naturally crystallizes in this way, and Crystals are build up on similar lines, even the Materialist must recognize the Work of the Creator, as symbolized in such a structure.

My next appeal is to those in whose charge is the Civil destiny of the Nations. How can any peace of a lasting nature be brought about unless some Universal Plan is adopted in which every Nation will be seen to have its definite function, and have a well defined destiny? An understanding of the fundamental working principles of the Universe, and of the Working Plans of the Great Architect, is essential to a clear vision of what is needed to overcome the present difficulties with which mankind is confronted on every side. Things must be looked at from the point of view of the Whole, rather than that of the Part, if a proper Order and Arrangement is to be brought about. Man has been given free-will, which includes the possibility of making mistakes. Man is responsible for the welfare of this Planet, and those in authority have the responsibility on their shoulders of making this Earth a Heaven or Hell for their brothers and sisters. Those in such positions cannot shirk this responsibility, and they cannot expect to be long in power if they willfully neglect to train themselves to hold their office rightly and for the good of those in their charge.

Let them remember that the essence of Order consists in the perfect adjustment of all the parts in subservience to the Whole; and that, conversely, it is fatal folly to try to make the Whole conform to the design of some distorted part.

Civilization has been a failure, with all its apparent improvements and facilities, through failure to understand this general principle. It is absolutely essential that each part should discover its true function in relation to every other part, and to the Whole, and then fulfill its destiny without making any attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the other parts of the Great Machine.

Equilibrium is the basis of the work. Every apparent pair of opposites can be reconciled in a third idea from which they both spring, and which contains the essence of both.

My next appeal is to all Thinking people. Many of you are slaves to your own thought. You are limited by your own narrow conceptions, which must always be narrow compared to the Infinite. Most of you know a lot of things that are not so in reality. To you I make this appeal. Clean out your minds, learn to control thought. Arrange you ideas in proper balanced order, and make your viewpoint one of equilibrium. Base your mental structure on the “Tree of Life” and since every idea placed thereon is capable of infinite progress, your minds will expand to the comprehension of all that is within Time and Space, for the Spirit of God in Man is capable of extending the Substance of every Mind which does not exert all its efforts to narrow the limits of consciousness to conform to a few personal prejudices and petty ideas. Why accept less than is your due; restriction is the only sin.

Lastly, I greet the Crowned Children of the New Aeon, those who, having sworn to overcome all things, shall obtain the reward promised to everyone that overcometh. And I say unto you, as One did of old: “In my Father's House are many Mansions, and if it were not so I would have told you.” But also I add: There is a place prepared for every one of you, Here and Now. There is a place for everything, when all things shall be put in place. Take up your places in the Kingdom of the Ever-Coming Son, fulfill yourselves, in the fulfillment of the Will of God within you, and show those who are still in darkness without, that there is room for all who are prepared to keep their place, and cease from trying to usurp that of others. For:

Love is the law, love under will, and through Love alone may ye come to the knowledge of the One Substance, capable of Infinite Multiplication and Projection, whereby ye become actual communicants in the Body of God.

In the Name of the One, by the Grace of God Triune, and by the Favor of the Ever-Coming Son, AUMN.

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