Table of Contents

CHAPTER I. THE LESSER CRYSTALLINE SPHERE. First Considerations - The Crystal as a Material Basis - Magnetic Attraction - Choosing our Crystal - Why Crystals attract us - The Choice of our Place of Working - Purifying the Crystal - Consecrating the Crystal - Initiating the Crystal - Care Of the Crystal.

CHAPTER II. THE GREATER CRYSTALLINE SPHERE. How to approach the Practice of Crystal Gazing. The Two Important Factors - What attracts us to the Crystal - Our Inner Motives - Honesty of Purpose - Crystals and “crystals” - The First Great Lesson - The Second Great Lesson - Practical Instruction - The True Start.

CHAPTER III. THE UNIVERSAL CRYSTALLINE SPHERE. The Value of our Visions - Taking Chances - Were the Ancient Seers Right? - Establishing Spirit Identity - Notes on the Ouija Board - Contact with the Unseen World - Is it necessary that the Crystal should be in sight? - A Strange Experience - The Magic Mirror of the Universe - The Ancient Idea of the Cosmos - The Universal Crystalline Sphere and our connection with it.

CHAPTER IV. A CONSIDERATION OF THE ANCIENT METHODS. The necessary requirements Trithemius of Spanheim - His Work transmitted by Barrett - The Form of Preparation for a Vision - The Circle - The Holy Table - The Invocation - Consecration of the Circle - Conjuration of the Spirit - The License to Depart - The Angels and Planets Ruling the Hours of the Day and Night - Practical Difficulties - The Real Meaning of the Wand, and of the Divine Names - Instructions for the Few.

CHAPTER V. FURTHER CONSIDERATIONS - THE METHODS OF DR. DEE AND SIR EDWARD KELLY. Much Knowledge, or none at all - Banishing and Invoking - Purification of Incense - Disastrous Results through Failure to understand Seventeenth Century Crystal Gazers - Their Visions - The Wonderful Work they Accomplished - Results of their Work in this New Aeon - Inner organs of Vision.

CHAPTER VI. THE ATTAINMENT OF CRYSTAL VISION. What the Power to see Visions Depends upon - Inner Guidance - Visions of a Definite Type - Creative Imagination - Willed Results - A New State of Consciousness - Traveling in the Body of Light - Example of the Perfect Type of Symbolic Vision - Visions that Initiate the Seer - Visions Universally True.

CHAPTER VII. OF THE ULTIMATE CRYSTAL. Some Valuable practical hints In the form of Maxims - Intermediate types of Vision - An Astral Journey undertaken by the Author - His Guru's Comments thereon - Errors of Working - Another Vision of the Willed Type in order to obtain Definite Information - The Results - The Star Consciousness - True Crystalline Vision.

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