The Qabalistic and Thelemic Works of Frater Achad

The lamen of Frater Achad

Charles Stansfeld Jones (1886-1950) was an early aspirant to A∴A∴ (the 20th to be admitted as a Probationer, in December 1909) who “claimed” the grade of Magister Templi as a Neophyte. He also became an O.T.O. initiate, serving as the principal organizer for that order in British Columbia. He worked under a variety of mottos and mantonyms, including V.I.O. (Unus in Omnibus, “One in All,” as an A∴A∴ Probationer), O.I.V.V.I.O., V.I.O.O.I.V., Parzival (as an Adeptus Minor and O.T.O. Ninth Degree), and Tantalus Leucocephalus (as Tenth Degree O.T.O.), but he is best known under his Neophyte motto Achad (Hebr. “unity”), which he used as a byline in his various published writings.

— From “Charles Stansfeld Jones” on Thelemapedia

This material presented here is updated from Norton’s Imperium also in The Hermetic Library. Previously, this material was several levels deep on the site, but this Frater Achad material deserves to be a featured part of the collection.

QBL, or The Bride's Reception

A basic primer on the Tree of Life from a Thelemic viewpoint. The appendix contains the magickal records of Achad's discovery of his “Restored” Tree of Life.

See also: Q.B.L. or The Bride's Reception: Being A Qabalistic Treatise on the Nature and Use of the Tree of Life

The Egyptian Revival

A detailed examination of Frater Achad's “Restored” Tree of Life, its justification in past cabalistic writings, and its relation to Thelemic symbolism. Contains many ideas later adopted (without credit) by other writers.

See also: Egyptian Revival or the Ever-Coming Son in the Light of the Tarot

The Anatomy of the Body of God

Achad's magnum opus on cabalistic geometry.

See also: Anatomy of the Body of God

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

The good Frater's classic monograph on this traditional method of scrying and its transformation into higher forms of spiritual vision. Lots of good advice for anyone learning or using any method of scrying.

See also: Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

The Chalice of Ecstasy

An analysis of Wagner's Parzival as it relates to the Path of Initiation and Thelema.

Liber 31

The magickal record of Achad's discovery of the Key of Liber AL vel Legis

See also: Liber Thirty-One

31 Hymns to the Star Goddess (PDF)

Prose “verses” to NUIT, in the style of Crowley's Book of Lies. Not great literature, but with some useful content.


Concerning the symbolism of the Rose and Cross.

Liber QNA

Concerning Names of God.

The Conjuration of Kronos

An invocation of Binah in the Golden Dawn style, thought to be written by Frater Achad.

Additional Notes on Liber Al vel Legis

Comments on Chapter 1, vv. 45-48.

Stepping Out of the Old Æon Into the New

An astronomical metaphor.

New Aeon Test Questions

Achad's Test Questions for the three “grades” of Liber AL.


Through the efforts of Frater 117 of Yggdrasil Camp, O.T.O. and Bishop T. Allen Greenfield, a number of new articles by Frater Achad were released to the public. These articles were first published (along with commentary and annotations by Bishop Greenfield) in Mjölnir, a quarterly journal from Yggdrasil Camp.

The Treasure House of Achad

An introduction to this series of Achad works by T. Allen Greenfield. From Mjölnir vol. 1, no. 1.

Belief vs. Knowledge

An essay contrasting religious belief with direct spiritual experience. From Mjölnir vol. 1, no. 2.

Mirrors of Life

Concerning subjective relativism and freedom of awareness. From Mjölnir vol. 1, no. 3.


Concerning the enjoyment of life and living. From Mjölnir vol. 1, no. 4.

Untitled Letter to the Universal Brotherhood

Concerning Right Knowledge. From Mjölnir vol.2 no. 4.

Thinking Backwards

Concerning Crowley's method of discovering “past lives”. From Mjölnir vol. 2 no. 3.


Concerning the abandonment of all finite characteristics. From Mjölnir v2 no. 1.