Concerning Numbers, Symbols and Matters Cognate



The Three Interpretations of the Numbers from 1 to 10, given in "The Equinox" Volume 1. Number 5, are so brief, concise and clear, that I am fain to depart from my intention to refrain from using books of reference and, with due acknowledgments to Fra. P., quote the passages in full.


0. The Negative-the Infinite-the Circle, or the Point.

1. The Unity - the Positive - the Finite - the Line, derived from 0 by extension. The divine Being.

2. The Dyad - the Superfices, derived from 1 by reflection 1/1 or by revolution of the line around its end. The Demiurge. The Divine Will.

3. The Triad, the Solid, derived from 1 and 2 by addition. Matter. The divine Intelligence.

4. The Quaternary, the solid existing in Time, matter as we know it. Derived from 2 by multiplication. The Divine Repose.

5. The Quinary, Force or Motion. The interplay of the divine Will with matter. Derived from 2 and 3 by addition.

6. The Senary, Mind. Derived from 2 and 3 by multiplication.

7. The Septenary, Desire. Derived from 3 and 4 by addition (There is however a secondary attribution of 7, making it the holiest and most perfect of the numbers).

8. The Ogdoad, Intellect (also Change in Stability). Derived from 2 and 3 by multiplication, 8=23.

9. The Ennead, Stability in Change. Derived from 2 and 3 by multiplication, 9 = 32.
(Note, all numbers divisible by nine are still so divisible, however the order of the figures is shifted.)

10. The Decad, the divine End. Represents 1 returning to 0. Derived from 1+2+3+4.

11. The Hendecad, the accursed shells, that only exist without the divine Tree. 1+1=2, in the evil sense of not being 1.


0. The Cosmic Egg.

1. The Self of Deity, beyond Fatherhood and Motherhood.

2.. The Father.

3. The Mother.

4. The Father made flesh - authoritative and Paternal.

5. The Mother made flesh - fierce and active.

6. The Son-partaking of all these natures.

7. The Mother degraded to mere animal emotion.

8. The Father degraded to mere animal reason.

9. The Son degraded to mere animal life.

10. The Daughter, fallen and touching with her hands the shells.

It will be noticed that this order represents creation as progressive degeneration - which we are compelled to think of as evil. In the human organism the same arrangement will be noticed.



0. The Pleroma of which our individuality is the monad: the “All-Self”.

1. The Self - the divine Ego of which man is rarely conscious.

2. The Ego; that which thinks “I” - a falsehood, because to think “I” is to deny “not - I” and thus create the Dyad.

3. The Soul; since 3 reconciles 2 and 1, here are placed the aspirations to divinity. It is also the receptive as 2 is the assertive self.

4-9. The Intellectual Self, with its branches:

4. Memory.
5. Will.
6. Imagination.
7. Desire.
8. Reason.
9. Animal being.

6. The Conscious Self of the Normal Man; thinking itself free, and really the toy of its surroundings.

9. The Unconscious Self of the Normal Man. Reflex actions, circulation, breathing, digestion, etc., all pertain here.

10. The illusory physical envelope; the scaffolding of the building.

The above quotations will give the Student food for thought, and should be carefully studied in the light of what has been written in the previous chapters.

The study of the numbers above Ten involves a great deal of work, and far too lengthy an explanation for this brief treatise. In the SEPHER SEPHIROTH (to be found in “The Equinox” Vol. 1, Number 8), we have a more or less complete Qabalistic Dictionary of Numbers and their corresponding Words. This book is quite invaluable. The Student, as time goes on and he advances upon the Path, finds CERTAIN NUMBERS are of peculiar importance to him, and these become so closely associated with his Work, that they form Keys to the innermost recesses of his being. These will not always be the same for each student, rather each must discover his own, sometimes by years of toil. The writer has found the Numbers 0, 1, 13, 31, 861 93, 111, 136, 141, 165, 300, 418, 419, 496, 620, 777, 913, 963, all very closely associated with his Work, besides, in a more general way, such great Numbers as 65, 78, 156, 666, etc.

It is not within the scope of this work to discuss the many wonderful things that have arisen in connection with the above Numbers, as far as the author is concerned, but in order to give the Student some idea of the Nature of the Sepher Sephiroth, and how words may be connected through their numerical value, I will take 31 numbers and their equivalents as an example. The first 24 of these numbers have been chosen simply on account of their close juxtaposition on the TREE of LIFE. The others, being of the Grand Scale, are interesting on that account. I commence with 12, since 1 and 2 are Kether and Chokmah, then 13, as 1 and 3=Kether and Binah, and so on.

He longed for, missed AVH  
He departed, went forth AZD  
A little book, pamphlet, letter; tools GT  
To multiply DGH  
A City of Edom HBH  
HE. (Heh Is referred to Mater, Vau to Pater, Aleph to Corona) HUA  
Vau; hook, nail, pin VV  
This, that ZH  
To penetrate, be sharp; (Ch.) one ChD  
A small bundle, bunch AGDH  
Beloved. Love AHBH  
Unity AChD  
Hated AIB  
Emptiness BHV  
Raised up GHH  
Chokmah, 42-fold Name in Yetzirah (See 777) GI  
Anxiety DAGH  
A Fisher DVG  
Thunder: to meditate; he removed HGH  
A city of Edom HDD  
Here; this ZV  
A locust ChGB  
He shall come IBA  
Hyssopus AZVB  
He seized, cleaved to AChZ  
Elevated, exalted, high GBVH  
(Verb. subst.) Injury, war, lust; fell HVH  
She HIA  
Alas!-Woe VI  
Like, equal to ZVG  
Existence, Being, the Kether - name of GOD AHIH  
But, yet, certainly AK  
Deep meditation HGIG  
Ah!-Alas! HVI  
Purity, innocence ZHV  
Vide Sepher Yetzirah IHV  
Parted, removed, separated ZChCh  
Joy ChDVH  
A thread ChVT  
Life ChIH  
He whom I love AHVBI  
He who loves me AVHBI  
A Mercurial GOD. His essence is AZ, 8 AZBVGH  
Substance; a body GVIH  
A pauper DK  
Angel of 2 C. HBBIH  
Abundance ZIZ  
A water-pot, a large earthen vessel KD  
The Numbers of the Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar; 1. + 6 + 9 + 10   26
[Vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 273] HVIH  
Seeing, looking at ChVZH  
Sight, vision ChZVH  
TETRAGRAMMATION, Jehovah the Unutterable Name, the Lost Word IHVH  
Kebad, husband of the impure Lilith [K.D. L.C.K. 464] KBD  
How? AIK  
GOD of Chesed, and of Kether of Briah AL  
To go HVK  
A beating, striking, collision HKAH  
And there was. [Vide S.D.I. par. 31] VIHI  
K. of S. Fig. 31 IIAI  
Not LA  
Coalescence of AHIH and IHVH Macroprosopus and Microprosopus. This is symbolized by the Hexagram. Suppose the 3 I's conceal the 3 Mothers Aleph, Mem & Shin and we get 358 q. v.AHIHVH  
Lord BL  
Angel of 5 W. VHVIH  
Copula Maritalis ZIVVG  
Was pure ZKH  
Zig-zag, fork-lighting ChZIZ  
Unity K.D. L.C.K. p. 432 IChID  
Glory KBVD  
Mind, heart LB  
Agla, a name of GOD; notariqon of Ateh Gibor le-Olahm Adonai AGLA  
Boundary limit GBL  
He will go IHK  
Intelligence of Saturn AGIAL  
Adam ADM  
The Fool AMD  
Redemption, liberation GAVLH  
To grow warm HM  
Heaven of Tiphareth ZBVL  
Hesitated. [Vide no. 405] ZChL  
Spirit of Saturn ZZAL  
She who ruins ChBLH  
Tet. in Yetzirah IVD HA VAV HA  
Greatly, strongly MAD  
Yetzirah's 'Secret Nature' [Vide MH  
I.R.Q. xxxiv.]    
name of GOD ALHI  
female slave; cubitus AMH  
Tin, the metal of Jupiter BDIL  
A dividing, sundering, separation HBDLH  
Angel of 7 S. HHHAL  
A ruiner ChVBL  
Angel ruling Taurus TVAL  
Levi, Levite LVI  
Foolish, silly. (Stultus) AVIL  
A weeping BKIIH  
Cloud; high place; waves; fortress BMH  
Angel ruling Virgo IVAL  
To clutch, hold ChLT  
A basin, bowl, vessel. [Ex. xxiv. 6] AGN  
Rest DMI  
A Tribe of Israel; to judge, rule. [Vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 37] DN  
Pertaining to summer ChVM  
My flame; enchantments LHTI  
A bed; stick, rod MTH  
To remove ND  
Dread, terror AIMH  
He suffered ANH  
Angel of 4 C. HIIAL  
Day IVM  
Beautiful NAH  
[Vide no. 4991 AHBIM  
[Vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 69] An ear AZN  
Night Demon of 1st Dec. I DAGN  
My strength, power, might ChILI  
Love, kindness, grace; notariqon of Chokmah Nesethrah, the Secret Wisdom ChN  
Ruler of Water TLIHD  
Angel of 6 S. IIZAL  
Angel of 3 P. LHChIH  
[Vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 69] NCh  
[Vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 57] AVNI  
The Understanding BINH  
Night Demon of 3rd Dec. II VINA  
Zayin ZIN  
Debased ZLL  
To embalm ChNT  
Angel of 3 C. IBMIH  
A manger, stable; an enclosure ABVS  
Myrtle HDS  
L.A. Angel of Pisces VKBIAL  
There are 78 cards in the Tarot. The Mystic Number of Kether as Hua. The sum of the Key-Numbers of the Supernal Beard (Sum 1-12). 78
Angel of 10 W. AVMAL  
Angel of Ra Hoor Khuit AIVAS  
Briatic Palace of Chesed HIKL AHBH  
Angel of Mars ZMAL  
The breaker, dream ChLM  
To pity ChML  
To initiate ChNK  
Angel of 2 S. IZLAL  
Angel of 1st Dec. Taurus KDMDI  
Bread (P's. lxxviii. 25) = ChLM by metathesis. [K.D. L.C.K. p. 500] LChM  
Angel of 2 S. MBHAL  
The Influence from Kether MZLA  
Salt MLCh  
The name of a Giant OZA  
Boaz, one of the Pillars of the Temple of Solomon BOZ  
Die GVO  
Angel of 8 S. VMBAL  
Jachin, one of the Pillars of the Temple of Solomon IAChIN  
3rd Shin SIT  
Conjunction, meeting, union ODH  
[Vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 114] ALVN  
A cup ASVK  
Angel of 1st Dec. Pisces BHLMI  
Blasphemed GDP  
Standards, military ensigns DGLIM  
Determined ZMM  
White Storks ChSIDH  
Whiteness; frankincense; Sphere of Luna LBNH  
Shut up GVP  
Body GVP  
Silence DMMH  
Angel of 9 S. MChIAL  
(1-13). The Mystic Number of Kether as Achad. The Number of Paths in the Supernal Beard; according to the number of the Letters, Kaph = 11, etc.   91
A tree AILN  
Amen. [Cf 741-1 AMN  
The Ephod APVD  
The “IHVH ADNI” interlaced IAHDVNHI  
Angel of 4 S. KLIAL  
Archangel of Geburah KMAL  
Food, fare MAKL  
Angel MLAK  
Daughter, virgin, bride, Kore MLKA  
Manna MNA  
A hut, tent SVKH  
Pekht, “extension” PAHH  
Red. [Vide Gen. xxv. 25] ADMVNA  
A name of GOD AChD HVA ALHIM  
A thousand; Aleph ALP  
Ruin, destruction, sudden death ASN  
Thick darkness APL  
Passwords of (a certain grade) IVD IHVH ADNI  
Angel of Sol NKIAL  
Common holocaust; an ascent OVLH  
A Duke of Edom OLVH  
Title of Kether. (Mirum occultum) PLA  
Urias AVRIH  
“Unto the Place.” [Ex. xxiii. 20] AL HMQVM  
Whiteness HVVRH  
Goodly mountain. [Ex. iii. 25] HR TVB  
Now, already; K'bar, “the river KBR  
Eliebar ”; Day Demon of 3rd Dec.    
I will chase RAVIH  
Qabalah of the Nine Chambers AIQ BKR  
Choronzon. [Vide Dr Dee, & Lib. 418, 10th Aire] ChVRVNZVN  
Snow ShLG  
The Sanctuary MQDSh  
Damascus DMShQ  
Obscurity OPThH  
Sum of (1-36). Sun. The Number of THE BEAST.   666
Aleister E. Crowley ALHISTHR H CROVLHI  
Aleister Crowley [Rabbi Battiscomber Gunn's v.1.] ALISTHR QRVLI  
The number 5, which is 6 (HA) on the Grand Scale ALP x HA  
Qliphoth of Pisces NShIMIRVN  
Spirit of Sol SVRTh  
Ommo Satan, the 'Evil Triad' of Satan-Typhon, Apophras, and Besz OMMV SThN  
The Name Jesus ShM IHShVH  
The Flaming Sword, if the path from Binah to Chesed be taken as= 3. For gimel connects Arikh Anpin with Zauir Anpin.    
One is the Ruach of the Elohim of Lives AchTh RVCh ALHIM ChIIM 
The World of Shells OVLM HQLIPVTh  

The foregoing will give the Student some little material to work upon, and to experiment with, in tracing out some of the correspondences for himself, though he needs “The Sepher Sephiroth” for reference and further research. Also he will find “The Essay on Number” in “The Temple of Solomon the King,” see] Equinox Vol. I, Number 5, and “A Note on Genesis,” Equinox Volume I, Number 2, of tremendous help and value.

We may now give an example of the way in which we may use the TAROT SYMBOLS for the interpretation of certain WORDS. The relation of these Symbols to the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, each spelt in full, has been ably shown in one of the articles mentioned above, but I do not know that any attempt has been made to interpret the Names of the 10 Sephiroth in a similar manner.

The Symbolism of the Tarot Trumps being Universal, many interpretations could be given representing different planes. Here is one, which came to me yesterday, which if deeply MEDITATED upon, may prove illuminating.


10. Malkuth. MLKVTh. The REDEEMER of the BALANCE of the FORCES OF LIFE is the HIEROPHANT of the UNIVERSE.
9. Yesod. ISVD. The SECRET of TEMPERANCE shown by the HIEROPHANT to the EMPRESS.-
8. Hod. HVD. The EMPEROR through the HIEROPHANT finds LOVE (The Empress).
7. Netzach. NTzCh. Transformation through DEATH awaits the STAR in the CHARIOT.
6. Tiphereth.ThPARTh The UNIVERSAL TOWER is Blasted by the FOLLY of the SUN of the UNIVERSE.
5. Geburah. GBVRH The HOLY LAW of MAGICK as taught by the HIEROPHANT of the SUN is applied by the EMPEROR.
3. Binah. BINH -The MAGICAL SECRET of DEATH transforms the EMPEROR.
2. Chokmah. ChKMH - The CHARIOT (or Balanced Control) of the LIFE FORCES, REDEEMS the EMPEROR.
1. Kether. KThR - In the “Hollow of the Hand ” (Kaph) of the LORD OF THE FORCES OF LIFE is the UNIVERSAL SUN.

The Student should take his Tarot Cards and study them very carefully in connection with the above, and it may be well if he try to obtain other interpretations, say in the order from Kether to Malkuth, representing the Descent of the Light from above.

He should also study the Shape and Parts of the “Tree of Life” itself, and he will notice that the whole forms an ANKH or Egyptian Key of Life, which is again the symbol of Venus. It should be noticed how the “Tree” forms Three Pillars, those of Mercy and Severity, with the Pillar of Mildness between them. Again, the Hexagram is formed by the Upper Six Sephiroth, and the lines of the Pentagram may be drawn by connecting the upper Five. The “Tree” can be divided into Seven Planes, etc., etc. In fact, one cannot exhaust the possibilities of its study.

I should like to remark once again, however, that this is, after all, just a CONVENIENT MEANS OF CLASSIFICATION. Sometimes we desire to Symbolize ALL as Unity, and we should probably use merely a Circle or Point. Again, there is the DUAL Aspect. Then the Great THREE-FOLD DIVISION as the TRINITY. Then the FOUR-FOLD nature of the ELEMENTS can be expressed as a SQUARE or CROSS. But once we use the CROSS, there is the POINT OF INTERSECTION indicating the Hidden SPIRIT, so we adopt the Great FIVEFOLD classification of THE PENTAGRAM, Symbol of THE MICROCOSM, MAN. Again we wish to symbolize our correspondence to the MACROCOSM and we use the HEXAGRAM, or SIXFOLD STAR, upon which we place the Planetary Symbols and the Holy Seven-fold Name ARARITA, for this Star has a CENTRE which is attributed to The SUN and this makes it also a SEVEN-FOLD means of classification. Next comes our TEN-FOLD QABALISTIC TREE of LIFE, with all its possibilities of extension through the 22 paths, 4 Worlds, etc. and its TAROT ATTRIBUTIONS. These, again, can just as well be expressed in the form of a Great Wheel, with the TWELVE SIGNS of the ZODIAC on its rim, and it is from the Rulers of the Decanates that the Divinatory meanings of the Small Cards are obtained. Lastly, since this Wheel has a CENTRE it expresses THIRTEEN, and we may arrange our Zodiacal attributions on a GREEK CROSS of THIRTEEN SQUARES with SPIRIT at the CENTRE. So, you see, you must not think the Plans are fixed, they can always be interchanged, according to the Nature of that aspect we most desire to make prominent.

But remember, in all this diversity, is the One underlying UNITY, which itself arose from that which is NOT.

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