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“We are perceivers, and what we perceive is our reality. This is the secret of Hyle, and of this great moment we call ‘reality.’” — Hyle

Hyle refers to the Prima Materia, that which is always there; the basic matter of everything. It is the space between the cracks, dark matter, if you will. It is what creates and sustains the waking moment we call reality. Hyle is the Saturnine element, the first ingredient of the Great Work.

Hyle, as the sound artist, seeks to alter the mood and perception of the listener through a sonic form of psychodrama, or hypnosis. By listening to the sounds as they progress, change and mutate, one’s perception gets lost in the composition. Working primarily with guitar, and sometimes microphone, Hyle transforms this very basic signal of vibration affecting magnetic fields through a variety of sound tools, into sounds that have been so transformed that one could say they have transcended their original form. Sense of time and place are commonly lost to the artist while in the midst of performing.


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Magick, Music and Ritual 3 - In and Out of Consensus Reality 10:33 In and Out of Consensus Reality by Hyle




The track, ‘In and Out of Consensus Reality,’ is admittedly a bit more musical than most of Hyle’s tracks, having been performed as two tracks layered over each other, rather than one, entirely improvised track. The title has to do with how we all can live in our own reality as much as we like, but still have to adhere to common principals in order to function as human beings. Consensus reality is a way to describe the most commonly accepted perception of our universe. Through most of the piece, there is a definition between the guitar and the abstract noise, between the commonplace world and the undefined world we can only sometimes glimpse, but sometimes they blur…



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Read more news on the blog at Hyle


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