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Ikipr has been writing music which parallels his exploration of alternative science, technology and magick for over a decade. By using musical note to Hebrew letter correspondences from the journal of Charles Henry Allan Bennett (as uncovered by Paul Foster Case), Ikipr attempts to map archetypal & symbolic forces in sound through additional symbol sets & structures in the Western Mystery Tradition. His songs are meant to establish a ritualistic setting where each aspect of sound goes toward building an aural environment akin to a magickal space or ritual within sound. Some of the additional techniques and tools he employs to these ends include: planetary tuning, brainwave entrancement, EEG to MIDI sound triggering, cutups, planetary orbit frequencies as tempos, radionic tones, image to sound conversion methods, various audio cryptography and additional means of obscuring intent, hypersigilic games as feedback engines for experience and random algorithms as a means to synchronicity & making machines a co-creator of art.


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Track list


Magick, Music and Ritual 5 - Orbits (Reprise) 03:41 Orbits (Reprise) by Ikipr


Orbits (Reprise)


Orbits is a threefold algorithm for emulating celestial rotations of the planets within the Solar System. Because of this method of composition I ultimately consider it to be somewhere along the lines of generative music with a bit of control exercised upon the tones. Use is also made of amateur Solar recordings to include a representation of Sol within the audio. The original version appears on Fleeting Touches of the Unknowable - Disc I (Boaz) from 2011. Despite being pleased with the results of the way such movements were represented in these three models I was never quite satisfied with the aesthetic nature of the track. It was as though the data was there but a void left in some manner pertaining to the articulation of sound I like to shoot for, even when composing more noise-oriented or conceptual tracks such as this one. It is because of this that I decided to attempt to re-work it for this anthology — I hope perhaps the additional tonality and dynamics do this endeavor justice and that it may possibly find a fitting space in this collection and the place between the listener’s ears.


Magick, Music and Ritual 3 - Ω ‏ש‎ 04:43 Ω ‏ש‎ by LVX1313 & Ikipr


Ω ‏ש‎


This track is a collaboration between LVX1313 and Ikipr. “Greek Esoteric Music Theory Charts” by John Opsopaus contains information regarding the Greek Tetrachords and their associated elements and letters employed for the melodic structure of the song.



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Read more news on the blog at Ikipr


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