The Hermetic Library at has an overall vision of Archiving, Engaging and Encouraging the living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Beginning in 2011, I started the anthology project to help promote newer works in the Western Esoteric Tradition to the audience of the Hermetic Library and beyond. The anthology project also further raises awareness about the corpus and culture of magick and ritual. These are the profiles of participants in the anthology project for work inspired by or that incorporates ritual and magick.

Please join the Hermetic Library in promoting these participants who have contributed their work to the benefit anthology project.

Ace of Space
al-qaeda-t.jpg(The Hermetic Order of the) Al Qaeda
anantakara-t.jpg Anantakara
antibarbarus-t.jpg Antibarbarus (Transmissions from Radio Libra)
apollon-t.jpg Apollon
arthur-loves-plastic-t.jpg Arthur Loves Plastic
Ashley Barber
astral-bloodletter-t.jpg Astral Bloodletter
black-church-t.jpg Black Church
Black Lesbian Fishermen
the-contrarian-t.jpg The Contrarian
dark-mother-dub-t.jpg Dark Mother Dub
Dave Migman
david-b-metcalfe-t.jpg David B Metcalfe
David Shoemaker
December Luna
Dendera Bloodbath
dessicant-t.jpg Dessicant
doleful-lions-t.jpg Doleful Lions
dr-j-cephei-t.jpg Dr J Cephei
dr.hans-t.jpg Dr.Hans
Ego and the Ids
Ex Astra
exomene-t.jpg Exomène
eyes-of-wood-t.jpg Eyes of Wood
galen-wade-t.jpg Galen Wade
hyle-t.jpg Hyle
i-am-esper-t.jpg i AM esper
idaydream-t.jpg idaydream
ikipr-t.jpg Ikipr
the-implicit-order-t.jpg The Implicit Order
J Flash
j-simpson-t.jpg J Simpson
januariez-t.jpg Januariez
jersey-petroleum-t.jpg Jersey Petroleum
johann-heyss-t.jpg Johann Heyss
josh-howell-t.jpg Josh Howell
khan-kurra-t.jpg Khan Kurra
kim-cascone-t.jpg Kim Cascone
Last Three Lives
leah-bee-t.jpg Leah Bee
Lore Acts
m-t.jpg (m)
machabray-t.jpg Machabray
mahatma-dali-t.jpg Mahatma Dalí
malifick-satyrino-t.jpg Malifick Satyrino
michael-amason-t.jpg ///Δ
Michael Idehall
the-moon-is-a-spaceship-t.jpg The Moon is a Spaceship
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mustafa-al-laylah-t.jpg Mustafa al-Laylah
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nvsbl-t.jpg NVSBL
pandemonaeon-t.jpg Pandemonaeon
paranoia-department-t.jpg Paranoia Department
phimind-t.jpg PhiMinD
The Psychogeographical Commission
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radio-free-clear-light-t.jpg Radio Free Clear Light
ralph-buckley-t.jpg Ralph Buckley
rev-chloe-t.jpg Rev Chloe
Robert Furtkamp
salem-1976-t.jpg Salem:1976
shadowcaster-t.jpg Shadowcaster
shams93-t.jpg Shams93
sicktanick-t.jpg SickTanicK
strykniny-t.jpg StrykninY
sun-duel-t.jpg Sun Duel
T Thorn Coyle
Terra Bosart
the-gray-field-recordings-t.jpg The Gray Field Recordings
the-transmutations-t.jpg The Transmutations
troy-schafer-t.jpg Troy Schafer
twelve-hides-t.jpg Twelve Hides
united-gods-t.jpg United Gods
Utu Lautturi
valerie-herron-t.jpg Valerie Herron
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whip-angels-t.jpg Whip Angels
worms-of-the-earth-t.jpg Worms of the Earth
y3mk-t.jpg y3mk
Yöri Bjartsdottir
yzzy-kyzy-t.jpg yzzy☥kyzy
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zavier-krall-t.jpg Zavier Krall