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… being R Loftiss and Elizabeth S.

Oklahoma’s R Loftiss (Bells, Whistles, Bows, Voices, Treatments), has been making experimental starscapes using the dust and ashes of Earth since 2001 and creating from them albums of otherworldly loveliness as The Gray Field Recordings.

Elizabeth S (Banjo, Voices) has worked with the influential English pioneering post punk duo of Eyeless In Gaza since 1993.

After a fortuitous meeting under the dreary skies of Nuneaton, further plans were laid and made amidst fulminations of joy on the island of Euboea. “Glad That I Live Am I” is the first fruition of their union…

Magick, Music and Ritual 10 - Glad That I Live Am I 04:56

Glad That I Live Am I

Elizabeth S. - vocals, banjo
R. Loftiss - guitar, synths

“Glad that I Live Am I” is a traditional hymn sung in many English childrens’ schools. The words were written by Lizette W. Reese in 1909. Elizabeth S. has always been fond of the song and its transformative lyrics and wished to do her own take on it.

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