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Last Three Lives


Last Three Lives

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Last Three Lives was originally the brainchild of Sacramento, California-based guitarist (and Thelemite) David Shoemaker and keyboardist Mark Buchholtz. Their self-titled debut album appeared in 2003, full of lush, ambient soundscapes created by Buchholtz’ synths and Shoemaker’s legato guitar lines and looping techniques. The band later added bassist Rorac Johnson and drummer Carlos Aloy to its ranks, and released Via in 2007. This album featured re-worked versions of tracks from the debut album fleshed out in a full-band format, as well as many new pieces.


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Track list


Magick, Music and Ritual 1 - Memory 03:26 Memory by Last Three Lives




The track “Memory” appears on the self-titled album “Last Three Lives”
Available on iTunes
Available on CDBaby


Copyright 2003 Anima Solis Music and Publishing (ASCAP)


David Shoemaker: Guitar, synthesizer, percussion
Mark Buchholtz: Synthesizer


Producer: Last Three Lives
Music: Buchholtz/Shoemaker



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Read more news on the blog at Last Three Lives


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