MVNIHVD is a solo sonic exploration of self by Late James that excavates the layers of the past to uncover the untapped potential of the future. Evolution is the objective, sonic praxis is the key.

MVNIHVD displays an unflinching dedication to examining personal wounds with brutal honesty, and sometimes considered delicacy; bound by a desire to come into contact with that Self beyond self. Divers dreams and broken forms collide yielding wonder in spaces between. MVNIHVD is strange, heavy and beautiful music.

“The predigestion of evil…which (the individual) carries out as part of the process of assimilating his shadow makes him, at the same time, an agent for the immunization of the collective. An individual’s shadow is invariably bound up with the collective shadow of his group, and as he digests his own evil, a fragment of the collective evil is invariably co-digested at the same time.” - Erich Neumann, Depth Psychology and a New Ethic

Magick, Music and Ritual 10 - Language of Wounds - 06:57

Language of Wounds

The title track taken from my debut release Language of Wounds. A typical MVNIHVD track will experience many permutations and mutilations prior to appearing on a release and this track is no exception. They change shape from the inside out and rarely do they ever survive as their author might have intended. Frankly I am amazed that any of them survive at all! Like any creative I pray to be strong enough to service the Vision and supple enough to bend before its Will. It never fails to take me round the twist but every now and then I get to make some truly unique musick. I hope to have accomplished that here with this track which is dedicated to the memory of Sal who brought a whole bunch of light into our little gang while she was here.

Magick, Music and Ritual 10 - Silence is Mine - 03:14

Silence is Mine

Taken from my debut release Language of Wounds the track Silence is Mine was composed as an attempt to convey something of the delight and confusion encountered as a result of finding oneself unexpectedly free. Free of the constraints of the physical body, free from the labors of the mind, free from the forced paradigm of fixed identity. It represents a departure point from Work of the World. During the winter that this track was composed my friends and I found ourselves dealing with an inordinate amount of death and this had a dramatic influence upon my composing that year. I felt it important to compose a track that was not only light and wonderful but could also voice the event of Death as being a portal into great wonder beyond the veil, a harbinger expansion and growth even — rather than the dire and final cataclysm of my childhood conditioning.

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