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Paranoia Department


Paranoia Department


Paranoia Department is an Italian underground entity providing dark, moody, ritual electronic music with influences ranging from 80’s esoteric industrial, post-digital DSP madness, FSOL reverbscapes, Magick and those forward-thinking sides of electronic music, such as IDM, glitch, noise, drone or musique concrète. He aim to explore new concepts, unusual production techniques, sound and ideas, evoking undiscovered forgotten worlds, cerebral landscapes, apocalyptic textures and sci-fi signals.


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Magick, Music and Ritual 4 - Invocation 07:00 Invocation by Paranoia Department


(Paranoia Department)


“Invocation” produced with The Hermetic Library in mind specifically, written and performed by Paranoia Department in Ableton Live 8.



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Read more news on the blog at Paranoia Department


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