The Moon is a Spaceship

Hermetic Library Anthology Artist The Moon Is A Spaceship

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The Moon is a Spaceship is from London England. He works alone making ritual drones fused with twisted guitar and dub echoes. This is The Moon is a Spaceship’s first release, but there will also be an EP on the Forwind label following closely behind.

Track list

Magick, Music and Ritual 1 - Sweet Revenge of the River Bollo (Part 2) 02:54

Sweet Revenge of the River Bollo (Part 2)
(the moon is a spaceship)

“The track is about where I used to work, a shabby industrial place devoid of nature. Many years ago, a small brook called the ‘Bollo’ trickled through the place, but, due to industrial power, the brook was diverted underground into a pipe. Today, the place is called Bollo Lane. This piece is simply about my desire to return the place to its former pastoral bliss …. and the river to wash the industry a way.”


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