Utopia Eleison

Utopia Eleison is a project by Israel Ortega (Caracas, Venezuela) who started on the grounds of prog and classic rock to later embrace electronic, ambient and world music. Today he is making computer-based music inspired by both multiple musical genres daily frequents and his love for books and literature. With his moniker Synth Avesta, he is also producing a more electronic/pop-oriented music.

Magick, Music and Ritual 12 - Utopia Eleison - Around the Strophalos

Around the Strophalos

Around the Strophalos is the opening track of my recent debut EP Pagan Anthology. Thematically it is inspired by a fantastic cross between blues history and the ancient Hecate’s worship. Some year ago, I fantasized if in that famous mythical episode in the history of blues, bluesman Robert Johnson hadn't sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads but, instead, invoked Hecate, Greek goddess of the crossroads. With this fantasy in mind, I lit a candle in the darkness of my home studio and, on a drum loop, I began to improvise the melody that would become this track. Its title comes from a fragment of the Chaldean Oracles. My friend Leonardo Reyes has recorded some guitar parts.

Magick, Music and Ritual 12 - Utopia Eleison - Ursa


Ursa is the track that closes my debut EP Pagan Anthology. It is inspired by The Greek Magical Papyri. In its central section, the distorted voice repeats an invocation addressed to Ursa Major that can be found at The Hermetic Library!

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