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Scholarship Posted by <Rebecca> on Thursday September 20, @04:22PM
from the future-perfect dept.

I have been asked to create my own utopian society and an art object related to that society as a part of a class called “imagining the future.” I thought of The Book of the Law right away as a way to guide me in the vision of an ideal society. Can anyone suggest any other texts?

I would also enjoy any other input you might have on the subject of utopia or dystopia.

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**Re: Utopia**
by Tau Aleph on Friday September 21, @06:47AM


Callenbach's Ecotopia, of course.

Liber Pennae Praenumbra.

There is also a Utopias & Dystopias reading list at Amazon.

We are All Kings

Tau Aleph
Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis

**Re: Utopia**
by <Xnoubis> on Friday September 21, @10:52AM

I think that the perfect world will always be just out of reach, but a much better world is possible. The great shift will occur when caring for the whole becomes an essential part of the dominant worldview everywhere. Not that every individual will share in this worldview – there will always be people who care only for themselves or their own tribe. But someday, those folks will be on the fringes of society, whereas those who care for the whole are on the fringes today.

As far as texts, Doris Lessing's “Canopus in Argos” series has an interesting vision. There appears to be a highly evolved cosmic intelligence network that could be seen as utopian (harmonious in itself, but committed to working through the gnarly cosmic problems), while the situation on Earth and similar planets is highly dystopian. See particularly volumes 1 (Shikasta), 3 (The Sirian Experiments), and 5 (The Rhetorical Agents). What I'm calling “caring for the whole,” she refers to as “SOWF” or “Substance of We-Feeling.”

I know this will be anathema to those who see Thelema as a movement dedicated to trampling its opponents underfoot, but this is how it seems to me.

**Re: Utopia**
by <Mordecai> on Friday September 21, @11:31AM

Recommended dystopian works:

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

WE by Yevgeny I. Zamyatin

R.U.R. by Karel Capek (whence we get the word robot)

**Re: Utopia**
by Fra THA;M on Friday September 21, @12:57PM

Although i am an idealist, and beleive the moral and philosophical polemics of liber AL could, if put into broad practise, lead to the creation of a utopia of conciencious autonomy.

At this I am at odds with Crowley, though. In 'Magick Without Tears' he stresses that the quest for utopia is both futile dangerous. He derides political idealist, labelling them scornfully as Utopia-mongerers.

Of course utopia is subjective. My Utopia could be your Hell, and my Elysium your city of Dis.

**Re: Utopia**
by <Will> on Friday September 21, @07:33PM

Walden 2
Payne Hollow
The Good Life : Helen and Scott Nearing's Sixty Years of Self-Sufficient Living
Diary of a Drug Fiend?

And, egads, I hope you don't really think that Liber AL is Utopian. Have you read Chapter 3?



  • |Re: Utopia\\
    by <Will> on Saturday September 22, @07:30AM\\|

    and Brave New World.\\

**Re: Utopia**
by <mermaid> on Saturday September 22, @12:15AM


You might be interested in the following:

The Fifth Sacred Thing, a novel by Starhawk

The Concept of Utopia by Ruth Levitas, good overview of early twentieth century commentaries on utopias (From Marx to Marcuse)

Paths in Utopia, Martin Buber

Anything by Buckminster Fuller but perhaps Utopia or Oblivion might provide the most focus here

and of course, Liber Pennae Praenumbra, Nema

Best wishes,


**Re: Utopia**
by <Ambrosius> on Saturday September 22, @07:49AM

Crowley tried an experiment in Cefalu, Italy in which he attempted to create a utopia in microcosm based on the Book of the Law. For an account of these events see -
- `Confessions of Aleister Crowley'
- `The Eye in the Triangle'(I. Regardie)

Robert Heinlein has an interesting and, in my opinion, very thelemic utopia tale in `The Moon is a Harsh Mistress'

  • |Re: Utopia\\
    by <KingKnave> on Sunday September 23, @02:57AM

    So if, you ever succeed grabbing hold of Utopia and you want to make a GO of it…\\
    Don't forget “The Art of Worldly Wisdom” by…\\
    Baltisar Gracian.\\

**Re: Utopia**
by Kickin it. on Monday September 24, @11:41PM

Kick it with Aldous Huxley's Island.

Go there and live in an ecologically sustainable, hip, psychdelic/yogically informed, free love, eco paradise where you groove with the snake in the garden, Yee hah!!!

**Re: Utopia**
by <nexist> on Tuesday September 25, @12:53PM

My favorite Dystopic Author has to be Ursula K. Le Guin.

Specifically, “The Ones who walk from Omelas” (Short Story) and “The Dispossessed”

**Re: Utopia**
by Baphomet Rex 666 on Tuesday October 02, @09:47PM

Utopia is the reward at the end of our roads.
Not the fantasy produced by day dreaming toads.
Life witout conflict or strugle is stagnation.
Stagnation is truly Death.
Fight ye as Brothers.
Aum Ha
Hail Islam
Hail Satan
Hail America
Rev. Mikey 666

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