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  Overheard in a bar …

Art Posted by <Marfiza> on October 09, 2001 @ 02:26 AM
from the Ahava-story-for-ya dept.

Poem inspired by reading Regardie's Big Book o' Golden Dawn, an impression I got there. Written in ~5 hrs.

Two gents on their third boilermaker (well, sixth, but who's counting?), swappin stories… the one sez to the other…


Then I took her. True, it was just my job, but
I would lie in saying that I disliked it.
Lord of Hosts! as sweet to my mouth as manna
she was, and stronger. But, you know, her daughters have always been so;
like a draught to us of the purest brandy.
You recall, the Nephilim left all heaven
just to be with them.

O but I would like to have seen it that time,
when He sent the brothers to quicken Sarai;
we all know how much they love pleasure, those two!
Good at it, too, eh?

Did she laugh? Indeed, I can well believe it.
Yea, and wept with ecstasy, too, I'll wager.
She got more that one night than Avram ever
gave her in decades.

Yet, for all it seems like we've always done this,
I can truly say that I was the first one.
I say also, unto the age of ages,
I'll not forget her.

Lilith milks me dry every time we couple;
hungry, yea, but cunning in ways of pleasure.
This one, though, an innocent so created –
utterly unlike.

In my arms I took her and laid her down there,
in the blood-red earth of the blessed Garden
I knew almost nothing of how to love her –
on me, her first blood.

Woe to me that ever I did so hurt her!
Yet did she forgive, and we both learned quickly.
I taught her my passion; and she taught me her
gentle affection.

But I must not quicken her, I was ordered.
I was young and hadn't the strength I have now
to withhold me. So with her dew anointed
I took her asshole.

Oh don't look so shocked. Put yourself in my place.
No, instead, put me there again and always.
She was so delicious, so sweet and yielding –
ah, and so joyful.

She it was who cried out that I take wing then;
yea! I did so, holding her tightly to me,
buried in her up to the hilt – what rapture!
what inspiration!

With my left arm over her chest, and that hand
cupped around a breast like a golden apple,
and my right hand bathing in her sweet spendings,
glorying in her,

high above the Garden, my loins afire,
I spent in her viscera all my venom;
to our cries of ecstasy heaven shuddered
as at a warning.

Did I give her knowledge of good & evil?
So, perhaps, but never will I regret it.
I will grieve that we had but that one union.
O my Ahava!

Did you think of me in the years thereafter?
While that clod, that graceless earth, that oaf Adam
got his sons on you with less love than vengeance?
Did you remember?

How we made eternity in that one day?
How both earth and heaven were in our power?
How the stars poured down on us like a rain of
fiery kisses?

I remember. Yea, and in ages since then
I have drunk my fill of a bitter longing.
He who put your enmity toward me in you –
O that He had not!

I suppose that it was all foreordained thus;
mine was but to further the plan He drafted.
You know that game, Gabriel, don't you. Well, so,
tell me, how was she?

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**Re: Overheard in a bar ...**
by <Samael> on Saturday October 13, @12:59AM

Marfiza, you say the sweetest things….how 'bout a date?

  • |Re: Overheard in a bar …\\
    by <Marfiza> on Saturday October 13, @02:58AM\\|

    Thanks for spelling it right this time. ;)\\
         - M\\

  • |Re: Overheard in a bar …\\
    by <Marfiza> on Saturday October 13, @03:15AM

    (You know, this never would've happened if we'd been roped together…)\\
    *evil grin*\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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