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  The Time Cube

Weirdness Posted by <Libanus> on Wednesday January 02, @10:24PM
from the cubic-rube dept.

Possibly one of the strangest and most verbose websites on the internet, Gene Ray's The Time Cube has content similar to a good deal of those old, mildew-smelling, early 20th century metaphysical books that catch your eye in the used book store – once you read the kooky content, you grimace and put it back on the shelf even though its only worth $2.99. This site and its partner Above God spout a strange philosophy based upon a four-cornered theory for the Earth.

An example:

“4 corner quadrants compose Earth sphere, as 4 corner room with 4 corner dimensions, with 4 corner perspectives and the 4 seasons. Earth's 4 corners rotate 4 corners of TIME, creating 4 simultaneous day Earth rotation, as if 4 different Worlds with their own day, for 4 separate races with 4 corner life stages, with outer limits of 4×4 great-grandparents.”

Ray also probably breaks the internet world record for telling people how stupid they are for not accepting his Time Cube theory. He also rails against modern education for not teacing his theories in schools and is hostile to the socially accepted notion of God in his own unique way:

Adults are EVIL to children. God is a word masturbation. A fart has more “substance” than a human emitted word. Word and god are unnatural, counterfeit, fictitious and do not exist in Nature's realm. Cubeless WORDÊ – is an evil 'adult scam' against children and is destroying humanity.

Stretch this type of text for pages and pages in VERY LARGE TEXT and add a dash of anti-Semitism and you have The Time Cube website. I can't convey it's strangeness fully here – you have to see it to really appreciate (?) it.

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**Re: The Time Cube**
by <sidney> on Thursday January 03, @02:14PM


  • |Re: The Time Cube\\
    by Lloyd Keane on Thursday January 03, @08:02PM\\|

    Who is going to tell him that when the four point converge they form a fifth?\\

**Re: The Time Cube**
by <Mordecai> on Thursday January 03, @03:26PM

Shouldn't he go for Liber Resh?

  • |Re: The Time Cube\\
    by <Libanus> on Thursday January 03, @06:15PM\\|

    I was thinking of that myself. :)\\

**Re: The Time Cube**
by Alcofribas Nasier on Thursday January 03, @09:15PM

No! When did Dr. Bronner become evil? I cannot bear it.

**Re: The Time Cube**
by jeepers creepers on Thursday January 03, @11:41PM

“Life is based upon a perfect math or your arm would be too short to wipe your butt.”

Gee, can't argue with *that* logic. Always nice to see deep philosophical truths such as “Time Cube” outlined with detailed proofs such as this…

So I guess this is what happens when you take too much acid?

Re: The Time Cube\\
by <Mordecai> on Friday January 04, @09:56AM\\
or too little?\\

  • |Re: The Time Cube\\
    by <guy> on Saturday January 05, @11:00AM\\|

    “This acid is just right!”\\

**Re: The Time Cube**
by Ulan Batar on Friday January 04, @10:38AM

Gene's “proof” reminds of the “chewbacca defense”.
anything other than the Time Cube Does not make sense.

**Re: The Time Cube**
by <Azag> on Friday January 04, @07:09PM

“Truth about Santa Claus debunks
Santa God. God evolves from Santa.”

- Well that explains a lot.

“You are an educated stupid ass.”

- No argument here.

“Humans are educated stupid because they are really dumb”

- the intellectual prowess is astounding. Someone should contact Dr.Rubic and let him know that one of his illegitimate kids has a laptop and is going on a f&#@ing rampage.

**Re: The Time Cube**
by <Libanus> on Saturday January 05, @08:09PM

Apparently, someone is now sending Mr. Ray death threats saying “You were told to stop disseminating this information, weren't you?”

Just some random guy yanking his chain, or do I smell a Beast Bay reader?

Re: The Time Cube\\
by <Azag> on Sunday January 06, @12:53AM
I'm left wondering if the MIT association/invitation was real, or if “Ray to the 1st power” is just completely berserk. For some reason it reminds me of Crowley’s banned lecture, specifically concerning Gilles de Laval, Lord of Raiz (Ray’s?). Oh no, the snycro!\\

Re: The Time Cube\\
by Ulan Batar on Tuesday January 08, @11:54AM
the mit IAP web site is legit… I'm guessing they're bringing him in for entertainment purposes (i.e. intellectual freak show) and/or to show the kids what will happen if they 1. don't do their homework 2. do to much bad acid.\\
But who knows. Maybe he did stumble on a revolutionizing concept and is just completely unable to articulate it without inane repetitive assertions and pointless insults.\\
I wonder if Gene Ray is aware of the fact that if you assert something long enough it eventually becomes real?\\
I'm planning to check it out on the 30th, unless I don't care anymore by then.\\

  • |Re: The Time Cube\\
    by <sidney> on Wednesday January 09, @12:27PM

    >I'm planning to check it out on the 30th, unless >I don't care anymore by then.\\
    No, no–PLEASE, PLEASE go check it out, and let us know what happens….\\

Re: The Time Cube\\
by <cameron> on Tuesday January 08, @10:04PM
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,\\
it's all true, I emailed the MIT sponsor some time in December asking “Why?” to which I got a reponse confirming that Time Cube will in fact be debated, but to an answer to my question. Otherwise, I encounterd The Time Cube more than a year ago (I think) through Portal of Evil in case anyone wants to access a massive database of kooks. Then, Mr. Time Cube was complaining that MIT would not debate Time Cube for one reason or another (I guess they were educated stupid.)\\
Otherwise, “Clinton's live here” is by far the best quote I can remember.\\
Love is the law, love under will,\\

**Re: The Time Cube**
by <Synergy1> on Monday January 07, @01:13AM

I felt like I was watching the Mr. Sparkle commercial over and over again. Read the whole thing and I still don't know what the time cube is or where I can get one. I saw alot of prices but nowhere to place my order for a time cube.

Ahh well, I'll probably see it at Target in a week or two.

  • |Re: The Time Cube\\
    by <Azag> on Tuesday January 15, @10:16AM\\|

    Be there, or be…no I wont do it.\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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