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General Thelema Posted by <Omenraine> on January 11, 2002 @ 10:32 AM
from the what-a-maroon dept.

A short impromptu story meant to illustrate the nature of The Beast.

A man boards an airplane like he's done an hundred times. The plane takes off and all is peaceful.

The thoughts of his mundane routines fade slowly out of his consciousness as the plane rises above darkened clouds into a starry sky.

They fly for a while then turn slightly. The full moon is brought into view and reflects up from the top of the thick gray clouds below; the light of the stars vanishes in its radiance. He begins to feel taken; absolutely absorbed in the endless haunting radiance of the night stretched out forever across the sea of moonlit cloud.

He takes a benthic, soothing breath, and is suddenly slammed in the face by a part of the overhead compartment. The sound of tearing metal fills his throbbing head, and the emergency oxygen masks are dropped. The few passengers on the plane can be heard shouting and screaming.

His oxygen saturated mind begins to feel light just before he does; the plane jolts into a sickening dive, and only his seat belt holds him in place.

The Beast Awakens with a mouthful of sand and many haunting memories about clouds of fire and impossible watery depths. The Beast turns over and something registers; The Beast returns to slumber as the Man awakens, recognizing the emergency floatation raft beside him. The man begins shaking again in horror and continues to do so long through the day and night.

Just as the Man falls asleep the Beast awakens for but a moment.

The man eventually discovers that he is confined to an island and with not a soul in sight. He possesses nothing other than the raft and his clothes.

The man struggles for months at the simplest tasks like erecting shelter, mending slight wounds, extracting water and food from coconuts, and spear fishing. He rejoices at his accomplishments with zest. (No, he does not make friends with a volleyball; bear with me.) For a while his mind alternates between a few different themes. At first he dwells on the accident; he feels its horror and its tragedy sink deep inside of him. He dwells upon his environment and the loss of convenience he has suffered. He cradles fading memories like a tender fruit. And of course, he pays most of his mind to gathering and maintaining the bare essentials.

Over time, memory of the incident fades to a minimal existence in forgotten nightmares. His memories fade more as years go by, and the sole object of his attention becomes his life on the island.

He begins to excel at the necessary chores of his day. After a while, something inside of him begins to give up its attachment to the negative sentiment he has long held about his plight.

He grows wild and uninhibited without the conventions and conditioning of the modern world, and more and more The Beast's eyes flash to life in the man's head. He takes some notice of the change in the state of his consciousness, though only sporadically: at times such as waking and soon after, as well as just before sleep. More and more he becomes empty; more and more his mind rests only on the ceaseless hum of the ocean; more and more he feels The Beast awaken. He begins to sleep more deeply and restfully.

Then one night, after another day of reflecting upon the ocean, the Man has a dream. Surrounded in blackness, he passively watches two figures materialize before him. One glows with white light and wears long white robes; it carries a long golden staff and wears upon its brow an ethereal crown. The other emerges from smoke and fire and is massive and horned.

They begin speaking to him all at once, and the Man listens, finally recognizing their forms as Iehovah and Lucifer. The Man tries to focus on what they are saying, but something is trying to wrest control away from him. A battle wages inside His Self, as Iehovah and Lucifer both try to attract the Man's attention.

Then something snaps, and the Man finds his Self falling away. That peculiar state of mind that he had begun to feel more and more has finally taken hold of him and is trying to stabilize Its Self.

The Man perceives a final few words shared in unison by Iehovah and Lucifer, “When you focus upon us, then you cannot see…” The two forms move towards one another and join in a flash of light. The brilliance fades and dissolves into the blackness around the Man. “…I.”

Places and times begin to flash into and out of form within the darkness. It is like a blank canvas that can assume all forms; the man sees celestial formations, different planets, other dimensions. “I Am,” he can hear it echo throughout all. He sees through the eyes of so many people, inhabiting their minds for a moment.

The Man ponders Union for one last second, and then suddenly The Beast roars into wakefulness inside the 'dream' and His voice resounds through all quarters, “I AM!”

The Beast comes awake upon the island, exhilarated, gleeful, wild, and uninhibited. It stares out at Its Endless Ocean from Its Island of Focus. The last conditionings of Man have been discarded. Duality dissolves first into Unity and then into Infinite Eternity.

And what happens from there, is for the Man to ponder, and the Beast to Know.

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