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  The Lost Teachings of Zarathustra: Part 5

Self Realization Posted by Marc Cohen on February 04, 2002 @ 03:08 PM
from the powerpuff-boys dept.

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V. Interlude: Nietzsche and Crowley

Being that Aleister Crowley was Nietzsche's philosophical successor, let us briefly examine the essentials of Crowley's philosophical system:

  1. “Every man and every woman is a star”; as such they each have a central core of being – the Atman of the Brahmanists. Crowley used the Egyptian term “Hadit,” being also a point on a circle. This circle has been explained rather well already by Dr. Carl Jung, Pythagoras, da Vinci, etc.

  2. It is a central tenet of the Western Mystery Tradition that the relationship between the awareness of a point (1, and hence finite) and the noumena of the circle (0, infinite) necessarily produce a third term: the Brahmanistic copulation of Shiva and Shakti that created the Universe; the 0 and 1 of our brains (as well as non organic brains like computers) that result in “phenomena” (being everything, which is produced by the constant interplay of 0 and 1 – the Forms of Plato, Matter and Motion, the Yin and the Yang, etc.).

  3. Crowley, based on the mathematics of Liber AL (his masterpiece), insisted that there can be no such thing as a mathematical “thing in itself” (you just kant do it) – save for “zero.” To the Qabalists, “God” means “zero,” and all the mathematical, psychological, practical, philosophical, etc., correspondences that the student applies thereon. The subtitle to Thus Spoke Zarathustra is worthy of examination itself.

  4. The connection between Hume and Buddhism on the one hand and that of Berkeley and Brahmanists was first really done by Crowley himself, though Nietzsche did make association between Hume and Buddhism. Crowley had actually been a devout Therevada Buddhist. He brought Therevada Buddhism from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) for the first known time. Crowley rejected Buddhism when he received Liber AL (pronounced “ol” as in “olive”; being Hebrew for “God” forewards, and Hebrew for “Not” backwards).

  5. The fact that “0” cannot exist without “2”: in 1904, a non-linear mathematical system was developed by Crowley with the eventual bare-bones aid of J.N. Sullivan – a well known mathematician at the time. Crowley claimed to have taken Bertrand Russell's Mathematical Philosophy and taken it to its logical conclusions.

  6. “Every number is infinite. There is no difference.” – Liber AL. Russell had shown that mathematical logical consistency breaks down when infinities are taken into account. Yet Russell strove, along with Einstein, to declare that God does not play dice: Order must be inherent in Nature. Thus, Russell posed it as a problem of language that keeps us from being capable of understanding everything; his close colleague Wittgenstein would later undertake this task in Linguistics.

  7. Russell never found scientific proof for his theory, yet with the death of Tractatus-Wittgenstein, the world had to wait some 30 odd years for Noam Chomsky to bring some scientific evidence in favor of Russell's hypotheses. Yet even Chomsky's “Deep Structure” has by no means become accepted as a Scientific “Law” – as yet, at least. With the jury still out, Crowley had some interesting theories:

    1. As Mystics had applied 0 and 1 to all point-events (literally) since Pythagoras and the early Qabalists, Crowley's contributions to this theme are more striking than just a Pascal's rambling ruminations. His “Essay On Number” is a must read for any Philosopher as well as Mathematician.

    2. Crowley and his first Teacher, Allan Bennett, are the first known Europeans to perform scientific experiments on the effects of hallucinogenic properties for the goal of increasing consciousness. Crowley wrote “The Herb Dangerous: The Philosophy of Hashish” in still Victorian England. Huxley escaped persecution for his “Doors of Perception,” but not so for the man whom the yellow journalists demonized. (With Citizen Kane's friend Hearst at the top of the list. Crowley became involved in a suit against Hearst, and the defendant was found not guilty; though the jury decided that the Plaintiff, a student of Crowley's, couldn't prove slander that he was “a sodomite” because they had no reason to think he was; upon which the jury insinuated that, from bringing the case to court, he probably was a sodomite! This nameless man was one Major-General J.F.C. Fuller. – the Father of the Blitzkrieg, also known to some as “the Father of modern warfare.” Fuller's 1920s writings envisioning the future of war were ignored by Great Britain and her allies – only to be picked up by a newly forming school of German officers in the 1920's.) Associating with Crowley could indeed prove hazardous to one's place in the social caste.

    3. Nietzsche tore down this caste, and Crowley built up on it: which is a lie, because they each tore down and built each other. This type of non-linear science Nietzsche had applied himself. Crowley, however, had the luck to be a famous poet and world-record holding Mountaineer, with a “Cambridge” stint and all the contacts that opens up to one's circle. The snobs tore Crowley to pieces in the presses. Mussolini kicked him out of his Sicillian Commune, “The Abbey of Thelema,” originally of Rabelais fame. People said he was “Jack The Ripper.” He also, in many ways, had “come too soon.”

    4. In Crowley's work, states of Hashish intoxication are broken down into the corresponding terminology of their appropriate Buddhist and Brahmanistic/Vedanti, etc., states of Consciousness. He also quotes from the ancient “Oracles of Zoroaster” before every section in “The Herb Dangerous.”

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**Re: The Lost Teachings of Zarathustra: Part 5**
by <sidney> on Monday February 04, @08:23PM

when he received Liber AL »>(pronounced “ol” as in “olive”; being Hebrew for “God” forewards, and Hebrew >for “Not” backwards

Based on what? It seems to me that Aiwass pronounced it “EL” (as in Elroy) because Crowley thought it was Liber L for years after he “recieved” it. The Sephardic Hebrew pronunciation system I learned would have it more like Ale (as in Ale). But internal Thelemic evidence seems to indicate “El.”

**Re: The Lost Teachings of Zarathustra: Part 5**
by <VVVVV93> on Tuesday February 12, @04:52AM

You are correct … “ale” or “el” are the accepted pronunciations; but there is also a Hebrew word, “Ol” - still spelled Aleph Lamed - which means, “Not”; and I used this one in the story because of the pictograph “01” for “OL” …

Technically, “El” means “to”, so in my non-fictional work, I use “Ale” for my pronuciation of Liber 31.
Yes, I've heard even “Ale”,as the God-Formulae of Aleph-Lamed, pronounced “El”, and this is not erroneous, albeit perhaps confusing. Aiwass was not amiss. Thanks for your commentary:-)

93 93

Frater Zarathustra!

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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