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  The Lost Teachings of Zarathustra: Part 6

Self Realization Posted by Marc Cohen on February 15, 2002 @ 10:34 AM
from the looking-beakwards dept.

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VI. On Things to Come

“My story goes on,” Zarathustra reminded the reader. “My story is your story, too. Only you are not ready for your story. You are not ready for the Eternal Recurrence.”

“Then what are you to leave us with, oh Great Zarathustra? A hodge-podge of disconnected allegories that confuse the profane; that is to say, those who cannot forecast entire futures of humanity and invent a prosaic, solipsistic universe of 'Higher Men' and big words?”

“I am glad you have come to me,” sighed a slightly – but not fully, no, never fully – relieved Zarathustra. “My patience is wearing thin. I wish to tell my Story, for my Story is Your Story, and Your Story is none but Eternal Return. But I have not much longer. Zarathustra must cross the Great Sea, and if He can return like some Boddhisattva or not is not known unto Me. One thing and one thing only does Zarathustra know: when I die, I cannot return, save as Zarathustra.”

“Yes, yes, woe and woe and woe unto 7 times YES! Zarathustra! That is your Doctrine, what you say is all truth, all wisdom, all Knowledge. Let me follow you in your way so I too may deceive Man!”

“You are a hopelessly savage fool. You read but cannot read in between the lines. You criticize but are not critical. Your sarcasm is matched only by your nerve. I admire that much. You have seen Me perform Wonders, and yet Ye dare to anger Me. Ye are truly God-less. Perhaps I have mistaken ye. Perhaps thou art the Higher Man which I seek. Tell me, oh brave reader, is it true? Did you secretly accept the Eternal Return?”

“You are a lunatic, Zarathustra! Your feigned praise is more transparent than even Socrates'.”

“My audience is less equipped to deal with subtleties. There is only one thing worse than an American audience, and that is a German audience!”

“There you go again, race-traitor, self-hater, morality annihilator.”

“That is precisely why the German audience is worse than an American one. The American audience at least pretends to make an effort to listen before it fights new ideas. The German audience fights new ideas, and then listens to itself fight. It must needs be so, lest Hegel, Kant, and Newton's Universe vanish upon the first threat of Change. Well let me tell you Newtonians something: The Universe is ever-changing. Indeed, it is Spiral, and hath the Head of a Hawk.”

“I have no time for your metaphors. Attaching more than one meaning to a term is tantamount to vernacular harlotry. Back to relevant issues, you say 'Change' so calmly, Zarathustra. And this is why you are the most wicked and vile of all Deceivers. You teach discontent, mistrust, hatred, anarchy… why Zarathustra, you even defend a creature more hideous than yourself – the Jew.”

“What is the use” sighed a defeated Zarathustra. “This game is no longer exciting to me. It is simply too easy to read a Man's mind. I spout out some propagandist's nonsense generalizations about Germans and Americans, barely concealing my Great Laughter. You, protecting your Testosterone mentality, counter-attack by spouting the same such filthy generalizations. I did the same thing as you. But I meant what I said as a joke. And I know that after this exchange, you shall have become very angry with Zarathustra, and wish to harm Him. But I, too, am Spiral. Thus shall I dance. But I have no Hawk's Head. For I am a Hammerhead.

“You really are a great prophet! I am indeed becoming quite angry with you already.”

Zarathustra smiled. “You have become angry with Zarathustra because he is being a hypocrite in your eyes. But this must needs be. Nietzsche was subject to prejudices of the Herd. Zarathustra, however, is wed with His Nietzsche. Such prejudices are understood and used for effects such as upon yourself. You are more Nietzsche than I. I… I do not even know Nietzsche anymore. I became Him in order that He would dissipate in the mixing of our Blood. And from this Blood issueth the fruits of Nietzsche and Zarathustra's seeds: it issueth forth Dionysus. But I am not talking to you as Dionysus. I have yet to go under, and when I do, the Earth will shake with my legacy. But my legacy shall not be Dionysus. It shall be my Son, Horus, who shall arise and resurrect my Soul: the Eternal Recurrence. Horus the Child who playeth innocently, shall Dance the dance of Shiva as He slaughters the worshippers. Only the worshipped shall survive this Death. Horus – he shall replace my Hammer-head with a Hawk's Head. And yet have I thus far met nothing but sheep with sheep for their shepherds. No one is ready to be God when I am gone. For no one is willing to be God when I am not gone. This must needs be, lest the Herd be deprived of their responsibility for Murdering God again.

“But one day, not only shall God arise in a new Prophet, but this Prophet, who shall convey in their own way the Eternal Return, will awaken the World to Worship of the Self. A God shall be worshipped in all. God's murder will be complete, for each Man shall claim to be God. And then each Man shall claim to be man striving beyond man. Finally, that unnecessary, awkward, cowardly gaseous ghost, 'God,' shall starve to death, deprived of prudery and ignorant submissiveness. Even in Germany… Yet this is all but a Vision of things to come. None shall come to pass as such unless I go under. I am picking my future, or, more precisely, my future is picking my actions now so that 'I' may experience 'future.' Either way I shall Die. Either way I shall Live. Each are beneath Me. I simply wish to Cross the Sea. I shall cross the Sea and go under, soon. But I need to find the Higher Man. Thus shall Zarathustra's work be carried on.”

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