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Posted by <Xnoubis> on February 18, 2000 @ 12:27 PM
from the beast's-eye-view dept.

We're living in a New Aeon. That's one way of expressing the observation that we live in a time when fundamental rules are changing. Change is accelerating, and shows no sign of slowing. Some people are caught up in the passing away of time-honored customs, institutions, and values. In Thelema, we view this passing away as a natural outgrowth of our evolutionary development. Old values no longer apply because they are being replaced by new values.

Aleister Crowley clearly foresaw many of the values emerging in our time, and gave expression to this new world-view in the teachings of Thelema. Since his death, it's become evident that humanity is undergoing a transformation very much like the one he predicted. The Aeon is being realized.

As it unfolds, it's important for Thelemites to continuously re-examine the teaching in the light of our evolving world and our growing knowledge. For instance, while the importance of Crowley's work is immeasurable, he was neither omniscient nor perfect (did he ever claim to be?), so his ideas must be viewed critically as well as respectfully. In particular, there may be aspects of New Aeonic consciousness, such as ecological integrity, that Crowley did not embrace. Does this mean that ecology is outside the scope of Thelema? Or shall we expand Thelema to encompass the reality of what our New Aeon is coming to be?

At The Beast Bay, we're choosing to follow the latter approach. In addition to covering events traditionally associated with Thelema, such as new editions of Crowley's works, or references to Thelemic material in other sub-cultures, we encourage the submission of articles applying to the Aeon in its broadest sense, including:

  • the struggle for human and civil rights around the world,
  • sex worship in all its forms,
  • self-realization as taught in all spiritual traditions,
  • drugs and the war on drugs,
  • humor and high weirdness.

We also encourage suggestions. How can we make this a better Thelemic resource? Since this is a new venture, expect to see many changes as we learn more about this medium and the on-line community. Send your comments to <Xnoubis>, and help us make The Beast Bay a useful tool for the opening of the Aeon.

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Thelemic Culture in the New Aeon
by Frater M.S. on Wednesday February 23, @02:06PM

It is important to remember that the Aeon of the Crowned and Conquering Child is just barely in its infancy. Yes change is accelerating and will continue as the collective worldview becomes more sophisticated in our new technological existence. For the time being, it seems foolish to feel let down or disappointed that the Aeon has not suddenly manifested. It will be a long process as humanity as a whole becomes more accustomed to the aforementioned “fundamental rules” of the Aeon.

I agree that there are “aspects of New Aeonic consciousness” that Crowley could not have forseen and that it is important to embrace. Why not get more involved with the “mundane” aspects of life and influence them from your Thelemic perspective? Thelema does not have to be relegated to sub-cultures (of which I am happy to be a member ; ) ). “Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.” is a common argument to this mode of thought. However, it should be permissible to be the Invisible College that we are members of. Why not use the influence that each of us has in our individual lives to steer the course of human thought into an easier acceptance of the laws that govern this Aeon?

This forum can be a useful tool if used to bring together the various elements of Thelemic culture. The Beast Bay is an exciting new Thelemic resource. If it even has 1/10th of the success of slashdot, it will be immensely successful indeed!

Re: Thelemic Culture in the New Aeon
by <Jessica> on Tuesday February 29, @11:11PM

I do say, good show man!

Re: Welcome to the Beast Bay
by Aros Solar Cpt Kyd Chaos-Chronos on Saturday April 08, @07:26AM


I'm Aros Kyd Chaos, from Down Under. I got your link through my Order of Chaos initiator Orryelle Orryelle Orryelle Defenestrate/Bascule. An interesting synchronicity with your site is that I have a red line tattooed on my face. It is a sacral triangle, with a small 9 point star on my 3rd eye region. The Goddess weaves us all well.

Aros Chaos-Chronos