Kenneth Grant Rides Again!

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Posted by <AShub> on Friday February 18, @12:31PM
from the far-flung-webs-of-Thelemic-power-zones dept.

Whether plumbing the depths of the magical universe, or making puzzling numerological connections, Kenneth Grant's books are always sources of fascination and wonder. His latest, Beyond the Mauve Zone, is said to be the second volume of his third and final Typhonian Trilogies. Uh, “mauve”?

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Re: Kenneth Grant Rides Again!
by <Malgwyn> on Tuesday February 22, @05:51PM

The Starfire Press promotion department have been working overtime to promote “Beyond the Mauve Zone”, even though no one has actually seen a copy of it yet. Even the English contacts like Mandrake Press haven't actually laid hands on the book. Given the overwhelming success (sarcasm) of his last several publications through Muller and SKOOB, need we doubt that they are waiting in stacks for our greedy, trans-Yuggothian tentacles to seize. Is it possible that the diabolical Kenny G is funding this edition in advance?

You can advance order a copy from Starfire press. At last contact, there were no plans by Starfire to provide for an American purchase site. How inconvenient!

Re: Kenneth Grant Rides Again!
by Michael Miller on Wednesday February 23, @02:17PM


To Ashub(?) in response to your possibly rhetorical “'mauve'?” My understanding is that Kenneth Grant consistently uses the words “mauve” or “The Mauve Zone” to refer to a specific phase of the, uh…Magickal Conciousness/Reality Continuum which he has repeatedly encountered in his ritual work.

I am going to blantantly paraphrase and simplify an enormously complex argument. What follows is, Me putting words in K.G.'s mouth. Please note that although this appears in quotation marks, K.G. never actually said this–not in these exact words.


K.G.: “When I began studying Magick under the supervision of A.C., he impressed upon me the importance of using one's Magickal Will to enter a Specific area of the Magickal Universe, contact a Specific energy-form or Being, have it perform a Specific Function for me, and then Leave. Imagine my surprise when, years later, I worked with a small, serious, closed Ritual Group [name of group escapes current editor] and, in addition to, or sometimes instead of, our Intended Magickal Effect, we began to notice the consistent occurrence of Other Phenomena of a Distinctly Para-Normal Character, which may or may not have had Nothing To Do with the avowed “intention” or “purpose” of the Ceremony. Rather than chalk this up to “unintended side-effects,” I began a thorough and systematic investigation of these “unintended effects.” Over time, the Effects themselves began to take on a specific and consistent quality of their own. In other words, as a result of our rituals, we had contacted a specific region of the Astral, and entered into communication with a specific Being or energy-form. Eventually, I came to call these effects “mauve” and designate their Region “The Mauve Zone.” “

I hope this is a helpful explanation. Again, for the benefit of Snippers, I must apologize, Dis-Claim and re-iterate that I am quoting Kenneth Grant's ^ideas^, not his exact words. In my defense, I can only say, 1) it has been observed that I possess a certain felicity for explaining seemingly difficult esoteric ideas to others, and 2) I no longer have the K.G. book in question where I first came across this idea (was it ^The Magickal Revival^?) so I can't give an exact quote even if I wanted to, and besides, my version probably makes more sense than his anyway, for reason (1) above.

And, for the benefit of Ceremonial Magicians, Old-School, Arm-Chair Variety, who object to Grant's technique as “sloppy Magick,” I would like to point out that “unintended effects” often lead to the most Spectacular Results. For example, Aleister performs Liber Samekh in front of his wife, only intending “to show her the Sylphs.” Instead, he “unintentionally” brings about “The Equinox of the Gods,” which leads directly to the Reception of The Book of the Law.

I should mention that I ^think^ Grant believed that in a Hermetic Qabalah framework, “The Mauve Zone” was “Off the Tree”!(Please, no comments about Yes, he was certainly Out of his Tree…)

Having not seen the new book, it's hard for me to imagine how anyone or anything can be “Beyond the Mauve Zone”, since I thought that almost by definition “The Mauve Zone” was about as far out as you could get!

Michael the M. invites and welcomes Comments to his Comment on Magick, Thelema, A.C., K.G., and Things Mauve.


Re: Kenneth Grant Rides Again!
by <Dude> on Tuesday December 26, @12:32AM

Does anyone have an e-mail address directly to Starfire publishing?
I'd love to carry their magazine in my bookstore, as well as have a direct link for the next Grant book.


[email protected]