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Posted by Sister Heather on Monday February 21, @09:16AM
from the crowned-and-conquering-kids dept.

The Thelemic Parenting movement is starting to pick up steam. Recent announcements include a National Thelemic Parenting Conference, a Thelemic Summer Camp, and an egroup. Added 2/23/00: An introduction to the Thelemic Parenting movement can be found here.

The Thelemic Parenting Group consists of an elist of O.T.O. members who are interested in issues related to raising children within the Thelemic tradition. They are discussing a variety of topics pertaining to Thelema and children. Since issues relating to raising children can be delicate, this egroup is only open to O.T.O. initiates or non-initiates vouched for by an O.T.O. body master.

They are in the process of organizing two major events, a National Thelemic Parenting Conference which will take place in Las Vegas Nevada the weekend of October 19-21, and an annual summer camp scheduled for summer 2001ev. Both events will be open to O.T.O. members and their children.

They're also putting together a Thelemic Parenting publication that will include articles, essays, rituals, and more. Some have expressed an interest in exploring the creation of Thelemic rituals and materials for children.

Those who are interested in participating in the Thelemic Parenting eGroup, Summer Camp, or Parenting Conference can contact Sister Heather or call (916)451-0706.

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