Esoteric Spirituality at the Open Directory Project


Posted by Tim Maroney on Monday February 21, @08:58PM
from the too-much-time-on-the-web-to-pass-probationer dept.

You might want to take a look at the new Esoteric Spirituality category at the Open Directory Project. Editors babalon, shedragon and timmaroney present you with hundreds of categorized, indexed and described site listings in various areas of the esoteric.

The Open Directory Project has been described as the open source equivalent of Yahoo. Currently it serves as the foundation for the directories used by AOL, HotBot, Lycos, and Netscape Netcenter, as well as others that short term memory loss forbids me to mention here.

Webmasters, please feel free to submit your quality sites. And those with too much time on their hands, apply today for editorship of a subcategory of special interest to you! ODP is run by volunteer editors – about 20,000 are signed up, of which about half are active.

I was first pointed to the Open Directory Project by Sister Content Love Knowles, who was happy about her recent acceptance as editor of an Austin section. I applied to edit the Aleister Crowley section in Society: Paranormal: Famous Personalities, was accepted, and multiplied its size by several times within a few days. I went on to the Regardie category, then moved up to overall editorship of the Personalities category within a few weeks.

Crazed with power and ambition, and the prospect of supermodels seeing my name on Netcenter and wishing to date me savagely, I proposed that we break occultism out of the inappropriate Paranormal section into which it had been shoehorned, and instead move into a new category under Religion and Spirituality. It took several weeks to build consensus on this – ODP is a consensus organization, though it can't quite achieve consensus on what “consensus” means – but finally myself and my collaborators beseeched the holy meta-editors and lo, the deed was done.

We are still working out what to do with the Divination category, which remains in Paranormal for the moment, but at this point the new structure is pretty thoroughly gelled. I will be moving the content of my own Esoteric Directory there soon, and then retiring it in favor of the Open Directory.

Come join us! Editing is fun and only takes as much time as you want to put into it. Editing a category about one of your pet subjects helps expose millions of people, nay, even trillions yet unborn, to your own fetishes and perversions. Imagine that you'd had these resources when you were becoming twisted. The mind boggles and the Mauve Zone beckons.

(Now if you'll excuse me, Iman might call at any moment, so I had better get off the modem.)

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