Lovely Biscuits

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Posted by <AShub> on Wednesday March 01, @10:34AM
from the Tea-and-Crackpots dept.

“All hail the Aeon Of Horus! Fun and frolics with Crowley and Neuberg.” A collection of Grant Morrison's prose, including the play Depravity. You might also want play along with characters that should be in the comix on the Invisibles mailing list.

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Re: Lovely Biscuits
by <AShub> on Sunday March 05, @02:01PM

Humm, looks like Morrison's gone from invisible to Marvel Boy and Poster Child. Plenty of frantic fandom at a Comixography and The Bomb.

Re: Lovely Biscuits
by <Xnoubis> on Saturday March 18, @08:23AM

I had to share the word that in the latest issue of “The Invisibles” (number 2, they're counting backwards now), Morrison coins the phrase “Diamond Baphomet.” Ye GODS, I like the sound of that…