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Lokelust Naphtali provides us with information about his “new Thelemic-like religion focused on the creation and liberation of god through transcendence and fortification.”

First off, I would like to say that at the present time what I am writing about is not an addition or expansion to Thelema. The Deus Enigma is a religion that I started, and have found that it is similar to Thelema in a number of ways, although not yet as intellectually complex. I am only fifteen years old, and my studies of Thelema started recently after I had already created the Deus Enigma religion. A number of people I know have adopted the Deus Enigma religion as their own, however, it is still very much in its developing stages. I thought that some of you may find it interesting in some way or another.

Deus Enigma is Latin for “God Puzzle,” which is the main metaphor that we use to describe our religion. We believe that God is a puzzle that has not yet been completed. Every person is a piece in that puzzle. Because this puzzle has not been completed, God at this point is imperfect. We believe that every person on Earth has a purpose, and once everyone has found themselves and completed their purpose, the puzzle will be formed. Once the puzzle is formed, Humanity will take on the power of god. God is the final stage of evolution. It takes every single person to find their purpose, however, and even if only one person hasn't, the puzzle won't be formed. That is why we strongly support encouraging others to open their eyes and find themselves, although that does not mean that we encourage trying to get people to model their lives after ourselves, or unfairly pushing our beliefs onto them. Of course, we are also strong believers in reincarnation, because it will take many reincarnations of everyone before the stage of God can be achieved. Once man together becomes god, that does not mean that all people will sacrifice their individuality. When you look at a puzzle, you can still see the outline of all the pieces. Although we will become one god, we will always remain our own gods.

We are often asked where Deus Enigmians believe man and the world came from, if God has not yet been formed. Our creation of man principle ties in with god being the final stage of evolution. We agree with the Qabalists that there is no such thing as zero, which is why Ain is not on the Tree Of Life. We believe that evolution has no bottom. No matter how low you go, there is always something below it in the evolutionary train, all leading up to man and eventually god. The Ain Soph principle then comes into play. Ain Soph means “without limit”. Deus Enigmians believe that evolution is, in an abstract sense, circular. Zero translates into “without limit” as does God, the highest level of evolution. This can be seen simplistically in the concept that the highest level of evolution would transcend the very idea of evolution itself.

We also believe that for God to be achieved we must enter a new age that is within the age of Horus, which I believe is not too far off. The age must be very destructive as well as very beautiful. I have named this age “level four.” I used that term because in many part of the Qabala four is the number of human will, the realization of purpose, and the manifestation of being. There are also four letters in the Tetragrammaton or name of god: IHVH/YHVH (Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay). The Tetragrammaton is known to be the door to God and whoever can pronounce the name will be able to become God, which Deus Enigmians regard as a metaphor as well as a concept to be used in magickal rituals. Since the name God has four letters, God will be created through the empowerment of the number four and what it stands for. This also has to do with the very important Deus Enigmian numerical concept: 4+3=7. Four, as I said before, is the number of true will, the manifestation of being, and the realization of purpose. Three is the number of magick and divinity, which we also attribute to crossing planes of perception. Seven is the number of God. So when we put together the meanings of four and three we get seven, which is the achievement of God.

Another part of the goal of the Deus Enigma is to abandon convention and logic and be able to go into alternate planes of perception. When one forgets the standards of convention, routine, and even physical objects then you can more easily remember the true universe as well as your true self. It is much more difficult when one stays focused on concepts such as: “the book will always have words,” or “the sun will always rise.” All of these things are merely psuedo-icons that stand in the way of seeing the real truth. This is not to say that you should always pretend that there is no grass on the ground or no sun in the sky, and not take advantage of any of life's physical objects, but one must realize that they are not the final reality. Why be absorbed into your television when you can be absorbed into the stars? As I said before, every person has a purpose in building the puzzle of god and part of every person's purpose is to open up the gate of perception for themselves and see what's truly out there.

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Re: The Deus Enigma: The Creation And Liberation Of God
by Michael Miller on Tuesday March 07, @11:00PM

Lokelust Naphthali, All Hail and Praise to your simplicity and wisdom. To me, it seems that you both write and think with a clarity of expression which is often lacking in Capital-W Writers and Capital-T Thinkers three, four, even five times your age. I say this as someone who grew up in the hyper-intellectual subculture surrounding the University of Chicago. At age fifteen, I was being fed bad anti-depressants, staring out the window at the trees, and just barely able to formulate the thought: “I think the trouble is, we're not asking the right questions.”
It took me about four years to throw off that cultural baggage. For a couple of years, I tried to accellerate this proccess with a series of chemical experiments, another two years, literally, to recover from those experiments. This “recovery” did not bring me back to where I started, but to a fresh place, what I call “a new Zero”, from which to re-formulate the intent and purpose of my explorations.
I suppose my first formulation, Age Fifteen, would have been as follows: “Assume a static and mechanistic Universe, as everyone in authority around you is telling you. From this, try to prove the existence of God, meaning or purpose to Life, or reason for doing anything, if possible.”
Fortunately, it only took me seven years of intense brain-scrambling, of several varieties, so that at age Twenty-two, I could finally ask myself, “Assume that you live in a Magickal, Living, Evolving Universe, as your own five senses keep telling you. From this, try to formulate a plan to become More Alive, and to have as many moments of Shared Aliveness with others as possible.”
It always amazes me, when I think about the amount of work I had to do to get to that point. It amazes me to meet people younger than myself who apparently were always there!
So, if I understand your formulation correctly, it goes something like this? “Each of us is a piece of a Puzzle. The Whole of the Puzzle is God. As each of us is incomplete, so is the Whole incomplete. When we each become complete(or in Thelemic terms, “Know our True Will,”) then The Whole will become complete and will become God and we will become Self-Knowing, God-like Parts of God.” Is that a fair recapitulation?
I find this idea to be exhilarating in its simplicity, and it pleases me that you have found others to share this vision with. I think the worst part of my own “dry” period (described above) was the sense of total isolation, the belief that no-one understood or cared about my “philosophical” questions–which were for me not abstract theorizing at all, but literally life-and-death issues.
There's so much more I want to say about this, but I think I'll save them for other posts. But let me just leave you with two ideas.
1) Do you think there is some difference between Pieces who are beginning to become self-aware, and in some sense Know that they are part of a great Puzzle? I picture these pieces as literally lit up around the edges, if you were looking down at the Puzzle from above. And, if the Self-Knowing Pieces were luminous, do you think they would see and be drawn towards other Luminosities like themselves, eventually forming great bundles, families, colonies, Nebulae of Light? And lastly, do you think this could be happening right now?
2) You have given me The Puzzle and now I will give you The Jewel. I have often thought that the great religious thinkers of the past have all seen the same thing, but they describe what they have seen in different ways. There was a sign on the wall in Swami Vivekananda's Temple which said: “Truth is One. [But] Men have called It by many Names.” I think that Truth is a Jewel, too bright, too intense, too magnificent to behold all at once. Each great teacher has shown us but a single facet of the Jewel, in which all the other Truths are reflected.
I thank you for showing me a new facet of The Jewel of Truth, which is, The Deus Enigma, or: The Puzzling By-Coming of God.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will,

Michael Miller/fra. R.B.E.G./

Re: The Deus Enigma: The Creation And Liberation Of God\\
by Lokelust Naphtali on Wednesday March 15, @03:58PM

Michael Miller, thank you very much for your comment. They mean a great deal to me. In response to your questions.

First I think that God is the ultimate level of divinity. People who are becoming self-aware and achieving their true will and purpose will have a greater amount of divinity in their lives. I believe that if it is part of their will for the self-aware,as you put it, people to meet each other, then they will if it is their goal to act on their destinies.

On the second thing you said, I believe that the truth or Jewel is collective just like God. The complete truth is too magnificent to come out of anyone person and must be pieced together by all religious thinkers and philosophers. With the Deus Enigma, I am giving my contributions to that jewel.

Thanks again,

-LokeLust Naphtali

Re: The Deus Enigma: The Creation And Liberation Of God
by Sidney F on Sunday March 12, @12:52AM

This also has to do with the very important Deus Enigmian numerical concept: 4+3=7.

Well,I'm sure glad you cleared that one up.