Who put the "MPH" in the MPHARSLGAIOL?


Posted by <Raum> on Saturday March 18, @05:00PM
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March 20th is a day that holds some significance, besides being Spike Lee's birthday. It also happens to be the 418th anniversary of the scrying session conducted by Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley which yielded the first “Angelic Square”.

This “Square” was received by Kelley as he was purported to be in communication with Uriel, yes the URIEL. It, itself, is composed of the names of angels which were also pretty popular with Agrippa and some of his contemporaries, and a “cross” in the bottom right corner to balance things out. Though the next day a similar square was discerned, the method of finding the names is somewhat more complicated.

From there, however, both Dee and Kelley would be subject to one ordeal to another as they attempted to assemble the fragments of a magickal system which would provide a significant structure to the Western Magickal tradition, and die penniless outcasts. I wonder if they ever wish they'd taken the blue pill.

With Wynn Westcott's influence, the upper eschelon of the Golden Dawn's teachings would be mainly learning a “Concourse of Forces”, which essentially was a revised version of the “Enochian” system of Dee and Kelley.

It was through the Golden Dawn that Crowley would learn of Enochian, and later claim Edward Kelley as one of his past incarnations.

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Re: Who put the “MPH” in the MPHARSLGAIOL?
by <Nekial> on Tuesday March 13, @06:26PM


I happen to be reading The Queen's Conjurer, by Woolley, and Dee's presently finishing up the scying relevent to Enoch. I missed the March 20th coincidence, if it was mentioned. You get this date from the diaries?

Also, I'm wondering if you (anyone?) know whether or not any work was done with the Enochian system between Dee in the 1500s and Wynn?

(It's a good book by the way, as an introduction to Dee's life and work.)

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