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Posted by <Xnoubis> on Sunday March 19, @04:25PM
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For a glimpse of a very unusual sect, check out the Messiah Home Page. This group holds the Caananite god El to be the One True God, whose worship was usurped by the false Mosaic cult of the death god YHWH_Satan. Essentially, they're Jews so conservative that Moses is considered apostate.

The amazing thing is, a lot of what they say makes sense. My favorite part of their site is the Revelation of 'Elohim, their rescension of the Apocalypse of John, liberally sprinkled with Ugaritic cunneiform in practically every sentence. They don't like the occult at all, but their theology has led them to an orientation that is actually Beast-666-positive. You gotta kinda love 'em for that. If they were just tolerant of spiritual eclecticism, I'd probably want to subscribe to their newsletter  . .

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Re: Revelation of 'Elohim
by Geoffrey Baldwin on Monday March 20, @06:42PM

In some translations of Deuteronomy 32:8, Yahweh is actually one of Elyon's sons. Elyon is translatable as the Eternal One. If we could get more research on this material we would find that not only is Yahweh one of El-Elyon's sons, we would also find that El-Elyon has been identified with Allah in some places too. Now, consider the implications in that. We can see why the Jews and the Moslems have been at it for so long, as Yahweh was against his brothers, and his own Father. Yet Yahweh comes about as Big Daddy and in some verses actually boasts of himself “My name is Jealousy.” We recommend the excellent work, by Raphael Patai, THE HEBREW GODDESS, which tells the story of how the natural, primitive cultus, very pagan in its original form, gradually degenerated over the millenia into a mass of superstitions and complexes. All Native traditions have for their basis this Dual Masculine and Feminine coupling at the core of their religious systems and mythologies. Sumer, Egypt, India, the Near East, Phrygia, Greece, Rome, Europe, Africa, Asia, America, you name it. And we have it in Nuit and Hadit. The product of the union of the Infite with the Infinitesimal being the Child, Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Even Christianity at its roots wasn't what it became, it had the Divine Sophia and the Parent of the Entirety, in the more archetypal areas, and its analogues in the earthly sphere. Namely, the Lower Sophia and the Messiah. Yet, in the original communities that used the Messiah term, we see it referring specifically to a term of office that renewed itself. It is the Head of the Community in the Essenian usage of the term. When the Leader passed on to the greater feast, the next Messiah was proclaimed, and so forth, but the low-caste followers misinterpreted the ideas, practices and symbols of the Initiates, and turned it into a Slave God religion like the one it was designed to supplant.

Re: Revelation of 'Elohim
by Zen Wa Foo on Saturday March 25, @06:45AM

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law.

I haven't been to the 'Elohim Homepage, so I want to make it clear that this is a Comment to Brother G.B.'s Comment, and not to the Original Post.

I am in sympathy with the general tone of your piece, and so it pains me to critically examine its contents. Nevertheless, the Canon of Intellectual Integrety forces me to do so. The tone seems to be one that may be characterized by the phrase, “Pagan Dual-Gender-Worshipping Polytheists–Yaaaaay! Judeo-Christian-Moslem Monotheists–Booooo!” which is an attitude with which I'm sure we can all sympathize.

What concerns me is statements like the following: “If we could get more research on this material . . . we would also find . . . that El-Elyon has been identified with Allah in some places too.” Perhaps it seems that I am belaboring a point, but it is unclear to me how you could know what we would find if it hasn't been found yet.

However, there are some interesting nuggets of truth here, buried beneath your Slagheaps of conjecture. It is true that in ancient Palestine a variety of Male Supreme Divinities were worshipped under a variety of names. This seems to be a critical and too-little-understood turning point in the path from Male-Female Horticultural Polytheism to Male-Dominated Agricultural Polytheism to Urban-Industrial Monotheism pure and simple.

Some of these Male Divinities went by the names: El, Ya, Adon, Ba'al, and others. When the “Yahwists” won over, some of these Names simply became synonyms for “God.” “El” became “Elohim,” which, confusingly, can mean either “God” or “The Gods” in Hebrew, depending on the context. “Ya” became “Yahweh,” which may in fact mean, “That Which Is.” “Adon” literally means “Lord” in the Old-World feudal sense of a Person who Owns you and is your Master, Body and Soul. This became “Adonai,” literally, “My Lord,” and is the common “periphrastis” for the unspeakable Tetragrammaton in Orthodox Judaism to this day. The unfortunate Ba'al seems to have lost in this Four-way Theological Tug-of-War, and is only remembered today as “Beelzebub,” the Enemy of God.

Many Christian theologians, including C.S. Lewis, believe that Polytheism must inevitably be superseded by Monotheism (and thence by Christianity, but C.S. Lewis only says this in parentheses, even as I do), but I personally hold to the opposite position; That Monotheism as a religion is intellectually, psychologically, and theologically unsound, and therefore inevitably leads to some form of Dualism, Poytheism, Manichaeanism, or Antinomianism pure and simple.

In the case of Christianity, they threw out the Gnostic Sophia, and promptly discovered the semi-divine Mary. The number of Christian sects who postulate Two Principles is too numerous to count. The more fanatical you are in the belief in One All-Knowing, All-Loving, All-Good God, the more you have to ask yourself, “Then Why is everything so screwed-up (i.e., not going exactly the way the One True Fanatical Believer would like it to)?” Therefore, there must be an Enemy of God, Therefore He must be “The Ruler Of This World,” etc., etc. This form of twisted thinking, when entered into deeply enough, eventually leads to “Antinomianism,” which is the belief that “The Good God” is really the Bad God! The Cult of 'Elohim, which Brother Xnoubis discovered on the Web, appears to be one of these. The Church of the SubGenius may be a parody of another. (SubG's out there, I'm a SuperGenius, so I can say whatever I want. Don't bother flaming me on this on these pages, you may e-mail me instead. Better yet, I'll give you my home address and we can fight it out. Then Wilt Thou Indeed Know The Stark Fist of Removal!)

The Process Church was another sort of Exfoliation of Hypertrophied Gnostic Dualism, with their Four Gods, named Jehovah, Lucifer, Christ, and Satan. Space forbids me from commenting on this fascinating sect further, much as I would like to do so.

Interestngly, the Jewish Qabalists, while maintaining a lip-service adherence to the Monotheism of their Parent Religion, seem to have succombed in all but name to the Insidious Inroads of Creeping Polytheism. On the one hand, the Shekinah, the “Presence of God,” was identified as an Hypostasis of the One God – and with a Feminine Gender! (For those of you who are wondering, “Hypostasis” means “Like a separate Divine Being in every respect, except that we don't call it that.”)And on the other hand, each of the Ten Sefirot were said to act as separate, autonomous beings, although of course, they actually weren't.

And here is where your post comes in. “Elyon” actually does mean, “Supreme One,” and was a common title for the First or Highest Sefira, which is often called “Keter Elyon,” the Supreme Crown, rather than simply “Keter.” (And can it possibly be a coincidence that the single most densely populated Chassidic Jewish Community in the world is in Crown Heights, Brooklyn?)

Yahweh, or YHVH, is indeed the Name associated with Tifaret, halfway down the Tree. And He is referred to as one of the “Partzufim” or “Countenances” whose characteristics and interrelations form a great deal of the bulk of the Lurianic Qabalah. YHVH, as the “Partzuf” of Tifaret, is called “Ze'ir Anpin” in Aramaic, which MacGregor Mathers translates as “The Lesser Countenance” but which actually means, “The Short Face,” or, “The Impatient One.” His Father, “Arikh Anpin” is indeed Keter Elyon (or perhaps He just lives there, it is not completely clear) and He is known as: The Long Face, the Ancient of Days, or the Patient One.

Why is this YHVH, this Son of Elyon, so impatient? Because He is a Bridegroom. And Who is His Bride? It is She, who is None Other than Malkut, Who is called, Kallah and Malkah, the Bride and Queen.

He is Impatient because He desires the Bridal Chamber. If He could only slow down . . .

But this is an Arcana.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will.

Zen Wa Foo

who is