Wilhelm Reich's Lesser Feast

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Wilhelm Reich left over one hundred thousand pages of manuscript, most of which has not yet been published, although about twenty books and over one hundred articles have been.

Reich made three major discoveries which opened a vast opportunity for understanding human functioning and whose value cannot be overestimated: the reality of the libido (it is a flow of energy), the function of the orgasm (it regulates the flow of energy), and the muscular armor (it prevents regulation of energy).

Wilhelm Reich was born in the easternmost part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the German Ukraine (Dobrzynica, Galicia) on March 24, 1897.

In 1948, The American Association for Medical Orgonomy was formed, and the first International Congress of Orgonomy was held at Orgonon, Reich's headquarters in Rangeley, Maine. In 1949, Reich had moved from Forest Hills to remain the year round in Orgonon. In the same year, he formed The William Reich Foundation.

On July 26, 1955, charges caused by Emotional Plague were placed against Reich and Silvert, followed by criminal court proceedings. Both were found guilty, with Reich receiving a two-year sentence.

He died on November 3, 1957, one week before the date of his recommended release. While in prison, he had solved the final formula for negative gravity and had written his last book, which he called Creation. The manuscript mysteriously disappeared at the prison, and the formula died with Reich.

Gratefully, we live in a time where odd devices, Orgone Energy Blankets and boxes, wild books, and scholarly books can vie with web rings and free discussion in our quest to love.

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Re: Wilhelm Reich's Lesser Feast
by Michael Sanborn on Saturday March 25, @08:55AM

I had no idea how far the old man's work had spread…

Tried to translate the german page linked to at franden.de through babelfish. Seemed even more babbling than usual, but it did contain the gem, “most economical use of drawer terminology,” which sounds like the perfect Academy Award category for Reich.

Re: Wilhelm Reich's Lesser Feast
by <AShub> on Saturday March 25, @06:43PM

Indeed! I was glad to see him mentioned in both Jack DarkHand's The Pagan Update ™ Daily Occult Report and The Daily Bleed (often posted to the highly entertaining Mooc list full of Moors and Beys and whatnot.)

Re: Wilhelm Reich's Lesser Feast]]
by <AShub> on Monday March 27, @11:03PM

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