St. Stupid's Day Parade


Posted by <AShub> on Wednesday March 29, @09:19AM
from the where-fools-rush-in dept.

The wise fools of The First Church of the Last Laugh and the merry pranksters of The San Francisco Cacophony Society will gather at the transamerica pyramid at noon saturday april first and head up columbus ave to washington square park for some communal ranting.

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Re: St. Stupid's Day Parade
by Frater M.S. on Wednesday March 29, @06:13PM

Along those same lines, a group of discordians in Austin, TX will be creating an April Fool's Day event.

The Church of the Great Juggle April Fool's Day Spectacular!


Reverand Slackananda

The Golden Apple Drum Corps

The Pyromethian Pyrotecnic Brigade

For more information, visit http:%%//

Re: St. Stupid's Day Parade
by <AShub> on Friday March 31, @12:18AM

PTerry will be at the Park Branch Library (1833 Page Street, ) care of The Booksmith on April Fools 'round 7pm (I didn't know that we rated that kind of synchronicity) and again on 0402 7:30-9pm at The Other Change of Hobbit, 2020 Shattuck Ave in bezerkeley … as always, check the shelves of L-Space for fair warning …