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  L.Ron Hubbard Movie Alleged to Contain Subliminals

Weirdness Posted by <Xnoubis> on Friday March 31, @10:10PM
from the give-our-yacht-back dept.

A recent article in Suck has revealed that the upcoming film Battlefield Earth, based on the notoriously lame book by Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard (and starring notoriously lame Scientologist actor John Travolta), is suspected to contain subliminal images intended to make viewers susceptible to induction by the controversial sect. F.A.C.T.Net, the source of these allegations, now believes that it has been subjected to repeated virus attacks since daring to publish the shocking truth about this film.

Worrisome attempt at mass-media mind-control, or anti-cult hysteria? Entertaining reading, either way . . .

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**Re: L.Ron Hubbard Movie Alleged to Contain Subliminals**
by Tony Davis on Sunday April 02, @06:40PM

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,

It is my will that I go see this movie with some friends and neighbors with signs and placards saying things like “We want our boat back!” and “Have you hugged a Thetan today?” We should have “electrometers” and deelie bobbers… we should paint Wild Palms on our wrists… it would become a marvelous adventure and an in-joke that most Scientologists aren't cleared to be involved in.
Let's make a sign that says.. “Scientology: It's not Rocket Science…“
I wanna go to the movies!!

Love is the law, love under will,


Re: L.Ron Hubbard Movie Alleged to Contain Subliminals\\
by <Mikal> on Wednesday April 05, @12:25AM
Great idea!\\
When I lived in L.A., I heard of a similar stunt the local Cacaphony Society pulled against the Co$:\\
Every December the $cientologists set up a “Santa's Workshop” in front of their Hollywood Blvd. building (constructed by RPF slave labor, of course!) The idea is to lure in kids and adults, and give them the usual pitch: free personality tests, copies of DIARRHETICS, etc. The RonDroids also set up an E-meter inside the display so that the curious could have a free audit on the glorified lie-detector.\\
The Cacaphonites got wind of this, and descended en masse on the site. One brave, shameless individual from their ranks volunteered to be hooked up to the E-meter. When the $cientologist in charge turned on the power, the volunteer went into a *full-scale grand mal seizure*, screaming, flailing his arms, and flopping around on the floor as if he was Albert Fish getting a perineum needle-melting triple-dose of Hot Seat voltage.\\
Needless to say, the Hubbardites didn't appreciate their electronic sacrament being mocked by a bunch of Silverlake art geeks and other smartasses, and bum-rushed the whole crew. They still give this free demo at New Age fairs and similar gatherings, though; repeat performances of this stunt are encouraged and appreciated!\\

Re: L.Ron Hubbard Movie Alleged to Contain Subliminals\\
by Analyzah Druim on Friday April 14, @05:26PM\\
I got all of the above, except, I would really like to know what the Wild Palms is all about?\\

  • |Wild Palms\\
    by <Xnoubis> on Saturday April 15, @08:54AM

    Wild Palms was originally a comic book that was made into an Oliver Stone produced TV mini-series in the early '90s. Set in the near future, it featured a sinister and powerful cult called “Synthiotics” run by a wealthy old man, which was a front for an even more sinister secret society known as the Fathers. Sound familiar?\\
    The central thread of the story involves the struggle between the Fathers and a sort of secular humanist activist movement called the Friends. It all gets mixed up with virtual reality, addictive psychedelic drugs, industrial espionage, and the attempt to enslave mankind through mass media. Really pretty fun (if a little self-consciously stylish), especially if you keep the Scientology parallels in mind. The whole series is available on video, but it's four hours long, so it's good to space it out over a couple of nights, at least. I couldn't find a great web resource for the show, but the Sci-Fi Channel's Wild Palms Page at least has an interesting article by Jaron Lanier.\\
    “I Just Want a Decent Place - Where People Respect Reality” – Harry Wyckoff\\

Re: L.Ron Hubbard Movie Alleged to Contain Subliminals\\
by <aZAG> on Tuesday March 27, @12:33AM
We could make signs that read “Dont read this Sign!If you read this youre gonna die……oh well too late.”\\
- and - “Loud Snap - Pass the Popcorn”\\

**Re: L.Ron Hubbard Movie Alleged to Contain Subliminals**
by <KT> on Sunday April 16, @09:29AM

This is a great laugh for a Sunday morning!

The QuickTime movie at the Apple trailer thingy site reminded of the Mach II (whatever) shaving commercials and it's easy to see Revolta holding the razor too!

Anyway, I've never read the book; Or any “Diarrhetics” books, but the “RonDroids” (I'm still laughing) are definitely out there!

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