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  Ode to the Butler of the House

Self Realization Posted by Zehm Aloim on Tuesday April 04, @02:29PM
from the will-the-real-HGA-please-stand-up? dept.

Earlier this year I decided that it might be interesting to keep a magickal diary on my site. What quickly evolved was a series of poems inspired by and regarding my HGA or Higher Self. After posting a few entries, I soon found out that there were others beside myself who were enjoying the diary. //Ode to the Butler of the House (Or, The Little God Who Could)// is one of my favorites, and I have a feeling others will enjoy it as well.

Ode to the Butler is, by the way (as are the other diary entries), a puzzle or riddle. That is to say that within the contexts of the piece, there are certain enigmas or mysteries to be explored and solved. So, if this piece, or any of the other entries posted within the magickal diary section of my site, speaks to you in any way or you happen to “solve” any puzzle or riddle therein, please let me know.

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