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  What're You Doing for the Three Days?

General Thelema Posted by <Xnoubis> on Saturday April 08, @08:41AM
from the holiday-bookings dept.

Good little Thelemites everywhere are tucked away in their beds, with visions of fire and blood and swords and spears dancing in their heads.

Thelema Lodge, for instance, is hosting readings at 7:30pm Saturday April 8, 6:30pm Sunday April 9, and 7:30pm Monday April 10.

What're you doing for the Three Days of the Writing of The Book of the Law? Or what did you wind up doing? Any good tales?

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**Re: What're You Doing for the Three Days?**
by Mordecai Shapiro on Sunday April 09, @12:45PM

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

For the first day I enjoyed a daytime celebration of my wedding, and then went to the reading at Thelema Lodge. For the second day I will attend the reading at the lodge and then perform there as priest in the Gnostic Mass (with my wife as priestess). For the third day I will visit the dentist for a toothcapping and possible root canal, and then it's back to the lodge for Caitlin's impeccable performance of the third chapter. Is this all fitting or what?

Love is the law, love under will.


**Re: What're You Doing for the Three Days?**
by <Orryelle> on Thursday April 13, @02:39AM

I was most fortunate to be in Portland at this time, as the Sekhet-Maat
Oasis here is the only OTO lodge I've really clicked with. The first night I
was late and missed the reading, heard some guys did a great kind of
funk-jazz musical rendition. Caught the feasting though and joined in with
some '30s swing music which soon morphed into some kind of hyper funk (bass,
guitar, violin, hand drums) with middle-eastern violin leads overlaid
(somehow it worked!), which got everyone dancing in the small crowded
temple, delirious trance soon descending as we swayed and chanted various
mantras over the music, frenzied cries of 'Io Pan' and assorted
glossolalia… (and the fondue!)…

Sunday night on violin I accompanied two acoustic guitarists and tabla-player
for the music interweaving 4 women alternately reading passages of Chapter
II. Wonderful!
Afterwards Zygoat reattuned me to 3rd Degree Reiki,
introduced with a letter 'He' Star pathworking. Ah, bliss…

Monday night I missed the reading and feast (at a pizza parlour!?) coz I did a
chaos tarot class over at Sienna's shop. Only 2 people showed but it was fun

**Re: What're You Doing for the Three Days?**
by Shedona~Babalon Chevalier on Saturday April 15, @06:29PM

Ahhh … a lovely weekend of feasting and fucking spent at our very own Living Flame Camp, O.T.O. Well at least the illustrious Camp Master (yours truly) was engaged in the sweet praxis of ecstasy. ;-) Ah yes, and I believe a couple of the guests were as well. At the end of the glorious haze of the three daze My lawfully wedded spouse (as opposed to those not lawfully wedded) turned to Me and began ruminating on how he wanted to find an apprentice.

The next day a cute, sweet, oh-so-dark-n-youthfully-Satanic, homeless, unemployed 17 year old turned up on our doorstep. He's been residing with us ever since. (Relax; it's My daughter's boyfriend.) Hubby seems a little reticent with this arrangement, but I just feel like he *belongs* here with us … and I don't normally feel that about just anyone. I told the illustrious Camp Secretary who shares My bed: “maybe you just aren't ready for an apprentice.” His response? “Not fair!”


Thanks to the flighty one and her leprechaun fiance for providing a magnificent and exotic feast (the leftovers of which we dined upon for over a week).

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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