Our Secret Century


Posted by <Xnoubis> on Sunday April 09, @07:09AM
from the you-gotta-believe-me dept.

Was I dreaming? Last week, I saw a television commercial that made my eyes bug out. It was, I think, a new Time-Life book series, Secrets of the Century, a collection of revealed conspiracies in an attractive ten-volume set. The first volume, Inside the CIA, can be yours if you yadda yadda yadda . . .

It wasn't so long ago that conspiracy theory was the exclusive property of us on the lunatic fringe. But I suppose that was before Waco, Oliver Stone's JFK, and Richard Mellon Scaife. Now we have a large compilation of What The Government Is Afraid to Tell You, only slightly watered down from the writings of Robert Anton Wilson. I wouldn't be surprised if a later volume were dedicated to the Federalists and the Bavarian Illuminati.

But to cap it off, I now can find no reference to the series at the Time-Life website or anywhere else. Was it my imagination? Or were alien influences beaming private messages directly into my retina?

Anybody else seen this?

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Re: Our Secret Century
by <Marfiza> on Thursday April 13, @05:45PM


You're not crazy. According to Amazon, it's ISBN 0783519516 and due to be published in May. (I found it by power searching on Time-Life as publisher and CIA as title keyword.) So perhaps it's not up at Time-Life because it's not actually out yet – and they're trying to get pre-orders through the TV ads…

I'd say, hang out a couple weeks, then check back at T-L and I betcha it'll be there.

- Marfiza

Oh yeah…
by <Marfiza> on Thursday April 13, @05:46PM

At least, you're not crazy in that department… outside of you worrying about weird book ads being beamed into your brain, all bets are off.