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Posted by John Mabry on Monday April 10, @09:51AM
from the prog-gnosis dept.

metaphor_small.jpgSince so many folks who frequent this site are also fans of the Gnostics, I thought it might be appropriate to inform you of a new CD from Bay Area band Metaphor. Titled “Starfooted” it is a rock opera that tells the story of the Gnostic myth, from the descent of Sophia into matter to the rejoining of the Pleroma by a modern day neo-gnostic.

The music is progressive rock, a genre which attempts to blend the raw power of rock-n-roll with the subtlety and complexity of classical music (think mid-70s Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd).

A friend of mine (who is also a Thelemite) described it this way: “The libretto seems to be primarily oriented around Valentinian Gnosticism (with influences from all over the Nag Hammadi Library), and though the music is rooted in the tradition of Genesis, Gentle Giant, and King Crimson (and I think I hear flashes of Hawkwind, Patrick Moraz, and Gremlin as well), they it push forward into a lush sound uniquely their own.”

Copies are available from CDbaby, where you can also hear samples of several songs.

Visit our website, too! I hope you'll check us out!

–John Mabry, a.k.a. Father John (and vocalist for Metaphor)

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