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Posted by <Xnoubis> on April 23, 2000 @ 11:56 AM
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The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies; then of the priest or of the worshippers: last of some beast, no matter what.
AL, III:24

The notion of a hierarchy of blood, expressed in this verse from The Book of the Law, could be seen as having its origin in the New Testament epistle, Hebrews.

The anonymous author of Hebrews (sometimes considered to be St. Paul) declares that Christ is a special kind of priest. The Judaic priesthood was hereditary, in that all priests were descended from Aaron of the tribe of Levi. For that matter, only Levites could even assist the priesthood. In Hebrews, it is pointed out that the authority of the Levitical priesthood has as its source the blessing bestowed upon Abraham by Melchizedek. (The reasoning being that Levi was in the loins of Abraham, though a few generations removed.)

This Melchizedek, said to be king of Salem, pops out of nowhere in Genesis 14:18, blesses Abraham, picks up his tithe, and is never heard from again (rather like Jonathan Yarker). The point made in Hebrews is that Melchizedek has no lineage, and so his priesthood is an eternal one. The author goes on to claim that God said to Christ, “Thou art a priest for ever, in the succession of Melchizedek,” though I don't know why he claims this. Anyway, the Levitical priests have a temporary, inherited priesthood, whereas Christ and Melchizedek have a direct, eternal priesthood. (The Eastern Orthodox churches therefore make much of Melchizedek, while in the West, for some reason, Melchizedek only seems to be of interest to Rosicrucians and the like.)

The distinction is then made between the animal blood offerings the Levitical priests made every year, and the blood offering of Christ. Not the blood of the animal, but the blood of the priest himself, and not just any priest, but an eternal, Melchizedek-class priest, thus making further animal sacrifice unnecessary.

The tent of his priesthood is a greater and more perfect one, not made by men's hands, that is, not belonging to this created world; the blood of his sacrifice is his own blood, not the blood of goats and calves; and thus he has entered the sanctuary once and for all and secured an eternal deliverance.
Hebrews, 9:11

Do you see the parallel? In Christianity, it is averred that priest blood is better than beast blood. AL III:24 agrees with this assessment, although it puts worshippers on the same level as priests, but then goes on to hold several types of blood as superior to either beasts or priests: enemies, then children (or dropping from the host of heaven), but best of all, blood of the moon, monthly.

I wouldn't attempt to get into the business of suggesting what all of this means, but I do think that the study of Hebrews casts AL III:24 in an interesting light.

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Re: Best Blood
by Michael Miller on Tuesday April 25, @09:15AM

Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law.


It is true that Melchizedek (“the Righteous King”) the priest of Salem, (presumably, Jerusalem) appears briefly and mysteriously in the Hebrew Testament, seemingly out of nowhere, and seemingly, a Servant of the Most High G-d, whom Abraham also served.

Therefore was he considered to be a “type of the Christ” by the authors of the New Testament (numerous, unknown), because he was claimed to be “fatherless”, and therefore, possibly, Immortal. At least, his lineage and the time of his death were never recorded, thus making him at least potentially Fatherless and Immortal, similar to the claims made in favor of the G-d-Man, Christ.

Now, as a Pagan Thelemite of Hebrew Extraction, here is where I have my problem:

Why do we keep referring to the New Testament to support our Neo-Thelemic Theology? Is this a carryover of Christian Guilt from our various childhood indoctrinations? Because if so, this is Siriusly an indoctrination which is by no means shared by all, or perhaps even most Thelemites, as I have tried to express in many and various Posts in the past.

Some of us are in origin Jews, Pagans, Agnostics, Buddhists, Thelemites, Neo-Thelemites, Neo-neo-Gnostic-Ma'atian Thelemites and various Heretics of various and sundry extractions who care not one whit for the ravings of one epileptic, peripatetic, pleonastic, proto-neo-anti-feministic, mysogenistic, and crypto-neo-antedeluvian-antinomian-anti-antidisistablishmentarian follower of One Dead Jew who spoke almost two thousand years ago in support of or against What We Now Hold to be True.

I realize that the Trinitarian dialectic of: Judaism, Christianity, Thelema is very tempting, for various reasons. In rebutal to the said hypothesis, I append the following Post, for the benefit of Those who do not have direct access to the On-line Server known as America On-line, Ceremonial and Ritual Magick Message Board:


Ave DeSade. Where did you ever get the idea that an Aeon was 2000 years? Where does it say that anywhere? Seriously, this smacks of “Dispensationalism,” which is an antiquated Xtian concept.

Sorry, okay, turning the Rhetoric knob down a notch or two. “Dispensationalism” is a widespread Xtian Apocalyptic theological bag into which various concepts and predictions can be stuffed, and it always has three pockets! Pocket One, Age of Law, 4004bcev or thereabouts to approx. 33ev. (IOW, As far back as “Creation” to Death and Related Events of the Person Jesus.) Old Testament Laws in effect, if you disobey, G-d get very mad.

Pocket Two, Age of Faith. It's a “New Dispensation,” hence the name. Now, G-d no punish you, He already punish Jesus for you. If you believe this absurdity (sorry) you have Faith and you will go to Heaven. Sometimes this Age is also called “The Church Militant” . . . Ye Gods, I can't believe I actually know this stuff.

Now. Here's where it gets tricky. Age of . . . Whatever. This theory was propounded by Joachim of Floris circa 1200's of the recent vulger era, and he said, One Thousand years, not Two, but not counting from J.C.'s Death but from something called “The Donation of Constantine” in which the Emperor of Rome and The Head of the European Church (hereinafter, “Pope”) shook hands and thereby created the Roman Catholic Church. This happened in 323 ev.

When the World failed to end in 1323, this theory was seen to need some re-working. This is the area of speculative science known as “Eschatology” or “What will happen when the World Ends?” Soon everybody began to look apprehensively towards the Big Two-Kay.

I've saved the best for last. ALL Xtian Theologians have generally agreed on a common terminology for these three Ages (or Dispensations), and they are:

Age of the Father, (distant past to their Year Zero AD.)

Age of the Son, (33 AD/ev to, well, Now, i.e. Year 2000) and

Age of the Holy Ghost (From . . . Whenever IT Happens to Whenever IT Stops Happening, whatever IT may be. I think their book of Revelations says another Thousand Years . . . Lake of Fire or something-or-other. Please refer to the numerous and Fecund pamphlets of Jack Chick if you give this theory the slightest degree of Credence.)

OR WHETEVERth DEGREE, OR ANY OTHER WELL-KNOWN AND RESPECTED THELEMIC WRITER OR SPEAKER OR THINKER OF WHICH I AM AWARE, IS IT EVER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED THAT THE–sorry, I just can't keep that up–is it ever expressed or implied that the here we go he's winding up again that the Thelemic Aeons of the Mother, Father, and Crowned and Conquering Child EVER, in ANY WAY, had ANYTHING to do with the Xtian Ages of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.


If this has not been clear up until now, it has been a regrettable oversight. We apologize for any misunderstandings this may have caused. Future enqueries on this subject may happily be directed to this essay for elucidation.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will.
Respectfully Yours, Fra RBEG=210, IIo OTO (susp) aka

Here ends Bankjobman's Salutory Post to the AOL CM Message Board.

Michael M. continues:

I realize that I myself may be guilty of a similar Dialectical Erroneousness, viz: an adherence to a doctrine of: Hebrew Testament, Hebrew Talmud, Thelema.


I do not expect anyone other than myself to adhere to this obviously artificial, factitious, and spurious Theological Construct.


I cannot help but be aware of the fact that I am making this Post during the Chol Ha-Moed (Intermediate Days) of Pesach (Passover).

As It Is Written:

And Mosheh Called Unto All the Elders of Israel and Said Unto Them: Draw from Your Flocks a Lamb, According to Your Tribes and Your Families, and Slaughter it as a Pesach Offering to the LORD, And Take a Bunch of Hyssop, and Dip it in the Blood that is In the Bason, and Touch the Lintel and the Two Doorposts of Your Houses with Some of the Blood the is In the Bason: And None of You Shall Go Out of the Doors of Your Houses Until Morning.

For the LORD Shall Pass Over You to Strike the Egyptian, and When He Shall See the Blood on the Lintel and on the Two Doorposts of Your Houses, the LORD Shall Pass Over the Door, and He Shall Not Allow the DESTROYER to Enter Your Houses to Smite You.

You Shall Observe This as a Statute for You and Your Children for All Time.

And So I Say Unto You, Brother Michael, Whom I Love as Brother and More Than Brother:

Do you actually believe the foregoing passage?

Or do you believe, as the Black Brothers do, that the Sacrifice of Golgotha was a Perfect Sacrifice, of Which All Our Sins Are Remitted?

Or do you believe as I do, that all of the above is nothing more than a Preposterousness of Vacuosity, a Penumbra of an Illusion of a Phantasm of a Nightmare of a Shadow of a Dream . . .


But In Truth, Our Beloved St. Aleister hath said:

There Shall Be NO Vicarious Atonement!!!

And Therefore I Say Unto You (in fine):

1) I agree without reservation, prevarication, or inward intellectual Prestidigitation that That which is Written in Liber AL, Chapter Three, Verse 23, concerning the Cakes of Light is True,

2) That “Blood of the Moon, Monthly” is preferable to all other forms of Blood,

and, 3) that “Blood of the Priest” is preferable to to all other forms of Blood save the above, whether of the Worshippers, of Enemies, or Of Some Beast,

and, 4), that The Above is and remains true, no matter what Dead Sicarius, Zelatus, or Tzaddokite you dis-interr to support or refute your or my or Aleister's or anyone else's Opinion.

(and my Lady Shirin would like to add: “If you mean, 'I agree with you, in spite of the fact that you quote St. Paul to support your views,' why didn't you just say so?”)

And, Lastly, I wish to affirm that You truly are my Brother and More Than Brother and I truly do Love you and I thank you for continuing to allow me to use this Venue to express my Views.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will

Michael Miller,

who is,

fra:.RBEG=210 (susp)



Re: Best Blood
by <Xnoubis> on Tuesday April 25, @09:34PM

Holy Moley!

I sometimes write about the intersection of Christianity and Thelema mostly because I find it interesting, and also because Crowley was so deeply influenced by Christianity that an examination of its influence on his works seems only reasonable. I don't expect everyone to feel the same way, but sometimes I share ideas like this about Thelema that strike me as interesting, with the hope that they may be of interest to others as well. I'm not sure that I see what's wrong with that.

I don't expect that everybody is into Maat, but The Beast Bay is acquiring a concentration of Maatian materials as well, and I think that that's a Good Thing, provided that the materials are of some quality.

As far as my opinion about Judaism and Christianity, well, like Thelema, they are each models of insight, and they each have shadow sides.

Lastly, I don't believe that “X is nothing more than Y” is ever a useful formulation in the realm of metaphysics or spirituality. X may indeed be Y, but who of us can say definitively what X may not be?

Re: Best Blood]]
by Mordecai Shapiro on Wednesday April 26, @07:56PM

Both this article and Michael Miller's reply are fascinatingly pestilential. Let me roil the waters a bit more. I see the types of blood (in one particular perspective) as a metaphor for the various bodily fluids which may be used for magical purposes, i.e., “monthly” is menstrual blood, “of a child” is a mixture of menstrual blood and semen, “dropping from the host of heaven” is semen, “of enemies” is saliva, “of the priest or of the worshippers” is plain ol' blood, “of some beast” is sweat. I believe the correspondences are quite obvious, but I will explain if asked to.


Re: Best Blood
by <Xnoubis> on Saturday April 29, @08:22AM

fascinatingly pestilential

Well, I suppose by the letter of the comment, you're right, since this is after all a discussion. For what it's worth, I feel that I've at least tried to respect the spirit of the comment by attempting to avoid interpretation. “See this passage? See that passage? Interesting, no?”

Still, I could probably be dinged for assuming that “The best . . . then . . . then . . . then . . . last . . .” indicates hierarchy.

Re: Best Blood
by Jay O. D. on Tuesday March 27, @11:48AM

According to the secrecy of a sect of church, very large in not just the U.S. but all over the world, the priesthood of mechezidek is called the priesthood of the son of god, and was given by a form of ritual called the laying of hands, in which the aspirant, thoughrally destroyed by an asthestic dicapline to spiritually consistant occult practices specifically designed for the inetgral and internal psychic digestion and assimilation of the keys to this priesthood, and an invocation by another who has the same preternatural authority by the same priesthood keys and use of them(the use and wisdom in use of these keys is what constitutes “worthiness”).
now this priesthood is known in the exoteric orders of some forms of christianity, but is held esoterically in two only, both of which battle each other in all matters concerning their “flocks”
this priesthood is given first, as a lesser priesthood called the priesthood of aaron
and is a preperatory priesthood holding keys to perform certain rituals in mass the ability to preach the word of repentance and functioning as an office of preperation, much like the neophyte, the path from babtism to this point being similar to prabationer
after interview with the standing athority, this priesthood is than transended by a triad of mechlezedic “elders” who, again lay on hands and give an invocation, this time with concrated oil.
they are given the lineage of the priesthood as far back as the galilean, both being in accord that the priesthood was taken off the earth, than brought back as the ever living gospel by angelic key holders of the same priesthood and initiated according to the times and customs of the path of “the great plan of happiness”(the symbolism of the hebrews is very apparent here)
The reason, says one for the name of the melchezidek preisthood is that their leader and commanding generals name is improper to be spoken of more than is necesary, so was givin the name of mechezedic, a very rightous(spits) man, who was also a high-priest of the same caliber.
they have also sacred knowledge kept back from the profane that includes where and how adam was given the priesthood by peter james and john, the superanals of the the crown of the church of the firstborn(as it is called) given in a form of movie that can not be veiwed by their “unworthy”, shown only inside their concecreated temples(heavily garded) ,who were acting proxy for principles of divinity that had not inaguarated as yet, due to the world being still a garden (more like fulcrum) of all things spiritually(called eden), before his assent to earth with eve for partaking of the forbiden ether(fruit)
They hold in regard Abraham as the dude that the big boss man liked the look in his eyes when he watched him undress, and the source or beginning of the lineage that eventually their christ was to born of according to what is beleived to be a rigorous and extreme documentation of lineages in jerusalum in the aeon of osiris, the mother who is said to have mothered jesus was of the same lineage, passed through king david down to that time(14 generations before david and 14 generations after if i remember right, this is all off the top of my brain coral's gene pool for lazed memory) as joseph of aramatha, or the bethrothed of the virgin Mary (rubs his hand up inner theigh moaning quietly). They were suposedly cousins or second cousins.
Any way, after becoming of age, jesus went to be babtised by John, known as the babtist.
The only reason that seems consistant with our records of the dealings of the dyan chohan and humanity held by any denomination that even assumes this man ever existed, is that john was given, by angelic ministry the keys to the priesthood of aaron, holding the keys of initiation by babtism.
jesus, it is told, oh lanoo was the embodiment of the force that focused and aimed the intuition of the powers of this prieshood and after his crusicixtion and reserection, return to show his wounds to and instruct further his disiples and asention to the All Father, the babtism of fire was given. This babtism of fire takes place according to the same manner as was used when jesus “called and ordained” his propagators for the law of that aeon, “to go into every nation and kindred and tongue”; it would almost seem as if it had been the law to give.
the keys are said to have been brought back by peter, to the catholic church, and by john the babtist, than later peter james and john to the mormons with an actual vision of the Jesus and the Father, personified as two men, speaking and listening and surrounded by a light more glorious than the noon day sun intructing not to join any of the churches(in the early 1800's), in request to and after a young boy confused as to what religions God himself wanted him to attend actually got the balls to ask him himself instead of listening to the “proper authorities” of the time.
I'm not sure of how the priesthood is given in the higher ranks of the vadikan, but the mormons perform another invocation after babtism of their aspirants with the laying on of hands for the babtism of fire or babtism of spirit and the gift of the holy ghost, one verse saying “I say unto you, receive the holy ghost”
this preisthood of jesus is said to be the authority to act in the name of God, and to perform all manner of miricles and signs to show to those of the vine of earth whos press will please the best.
the holy ghost, the gift to revieve such is given right after initiation by water.
it is known as the “comforter”
their is a second comforter as well that is not given by any member of earth, but is a spiritual awakening to the very mind(eye) of GOD, in which case all things become manifest.
The fall from this second state is what is called falling from grace, the logic being that it is not the knowledge that constitutes walking with God, but the conversation with him as a child of divinity and truth and to turn from such is to deny the face of the living sun while it shineth in the souls manga(my terminology and wording)
The church of the first born, abraham, melchezidec, jesus and the eleven loyal apostles and all else who care to join the wedding of their bride groom were all first born, for they were become begotten sons of this One God.
Their is also spoken of of a priesthood of Moses, holding the keys to the arc of the covenent(abomination of desolation sounds convenient) but that when moses taken back to heaven, his priethood was taken off and never heard of again.
Alas, I must also admit at this time that it was Abremilan the Mages book that gives the idea as unwise to leave the religion of ones family.
If it is true that “he who hath drank nile rivers shall never quench his thirst in other lands”, than the wine of old shall ferment in the bellies of the child, and he shall be drunk and lead them with a cain of all manner of colors and wonders that deminion shall be up for grabs…

…when it all comes down

Re: Best Blood
by <kate> on Wednesday February 27, @02:52PM

This isn't very good site for a report on the “arc of the covenent” due in a couple of days