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Weirdness Posted by Zehm Aloim on Tuesday April 25, @04:10PM
from the in-God-we-thrust dept.

The latest entry in my Continuing Magickal Diary deals with the information supplied on the back of the US one dollar bill and the intentions of the Secret Chiefs regarding the occult principles upon which the United States was built.

There is some good evidence that the creation of the United States and its Constitution was a form of revenge by the Pagans and Gnostics of the Roman Empire after Justinian had made absolute the power of the Church (with he himself at its head) in the middle of the sixth century e.v. The act of vengeance was carried out, of course, by various members of certain Rosicrucian (Thomas Jefferson), Freemasonic (George Washington), and Pagan (John Adams) societies hundreds of years later. The thirteen pentacles in the claw of the Eagle (Scorpio – Birth-Death-Regeneration – the Death Card – Atu XIII) represent the thirteen microcosms of Mankind. The Founding Fathers clearly recognized the destructive as well as the constructive effect that the new form of government they espoused would have, and they were certainly not interested in preserving the traditional ideologies extant in the European mindset of the day.

The “God” (as in “In God We Trust”) referred to was, more than likely, the sum total of these thirteen microcosms, the highest microcosm being the Eye at the summit of the Pyramid: the Kristos, the Great Wizard of the Gnosis, the Anointed One. And I could go on all day listing occult significances found on the dollar bill but I won't. What is important here is to realize is that the birth of the United States of America was conceived not only by Adepts and Magi, but also by the Secret Chiefs themselves. A free society is, after all, the most conducive society for the birth of a brave new ideology, an ideology which holds the exercise of free Will as ultimately sacred and essential, the ideology of the Crowned & Conquering Child: Thelema.

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