The Damned and Dead Prophet

Self Realization

Posted by John Midas Proulx on Saturday April 29, @08:46AM
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These inspired writings were received via a direct stream of consciousness transmitted by my Holy Guardian Angel, and put to paper by means of automatic writing. I will make no effort to get into the mechanics of the attainment of the knowledge and conversation of the H.G.A , because although there are some books dedicated to this most holy operation I had no knowledge of their existence at the time that I first began this work. In my case the entire process was brought about by the circumstances of my life, being solitude and an intense desire for spiritual enlightenment. I spent a year living in an cottage with no electricity, plumbing or any other modern convenience. The combination of solitude and desire can create a fertile environment where great works of spiritual and magical evolution are done with relative ease. I will make no commentary on these passages for fear of contaminating the readers interpretation of the work, as I believe it is necessary for the individual to interpret this type of material unimpeded by the interpretations of another. I submit this article in the hopes of receiving feedback from the reader.

  1. We are very much alike the two of us. Yet how different we are in your deceit and the misery it brings upon your apostles. What a beautiful pair we make in our continuous cycle of self-destruction and reconstruction, in our lust, our perversity, or the lack thereof. Think not to extinguish the fire of creation or the spark of self-realization from which that fire is born. Think not to drown them in the waters of your impotent baptismal drudgery. Coward! See that the lie of salvation only through the blood of the lamb is as futile as your attempts to put out the fire that is my desire. My nature is to absorb you, to cast my shadow over you. So steer clear of me, and make no attempts to drown me in the passive aggressive trickery of your doctrine of the washing away of sins. For you will find no guilt here. No sins in need of washing away. There is No Sin, and that is the way and the light and the glory of the kingdom of heaven.

  2. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end such as all men are. And all that have not the wisdom of that knowledge shall never stand upright in my presence. For what can the ignorant do in the face of divinity but prostrate them selves before it, and remain in it’s shadow saying “please show me the mystery that is your greatness. Let me out of the shadows and into the light.” Know that if you stand in my light I will blind you. If you stand in my shadow I will smother you. Stand at my side and the soft glow of the fire of creation will warm and nurture you

  3. Hear me sons of men and know that my prophet is upon the earth. He is the son of a whore and his father is a temple to savagery and ignorance. My prophet shall be a whore such as his mother, until my flame is upon his ear, and I will make of him a king. Let him be tempered by the fire, and make of his body a temple and an altar of strength and endless light. He shall be a warrior on every plane, but remain a poet in his heart. Let all that hear the word have understanding and know that every syllable he utters is a word and a name for God.

  4. Know that you are made in the image of the divine spirit, spit forth from his mouth, the Bitter taste of weakness still souring the palate. Let the elements temper you. Make of your body a temple and an altar. You are a sacrifice I make unto myself

  5. Make of thy wife a temple and an altar. Enter whispering this, a conjuration of the Damned Prophet. “O Damned and dead prophet lay thy sacrifice upon the altar and the fruits of thy sacrifice shall be giants and mighty men of great renown, and they shall know their will upon the earth forever and ever Amen.”

  6. > Oh! Damned and dead prophet, have you not the strength to fend off the maggots, to put an end to their feast? Where does thy body lie? Tell me the secret of that burial place that I may gather up thy bones from the grave. There will be grand a conjuration and the might of my prophesy will be made threefold by the power of the soil of thy grave alone. I will fashion jewelry and spells from the bones. I shall gather you up and paint and polish thy skull. Never again will an insect enter it through the sockets, and you will be among friends, anointed with incense, and sit at the head of the table of my house.

  7. I am holy, holy, and holy. The blood, the eye, and the cock are holy. I am the vessel and the master of all it contains. Know that this body contains every thing in the heavens and the earth. The elements reside in the limbs, in the heart. The mind, creation, the expression of true will deifies the body. I am holy, holy, and holy. The blood, the eye, and the cock are holy.

  8. > As for the days, the hours and their importance know that the celestial bodies have influence over the mind of the magician. “As above so below”. The magician’s mind has direct influence over the celestial bodies and their energies. Do not be directed, but seize and direct that energy.

  9. Here I suffered the torments of Hell being solitude and introspection.
    Here I walked the ground I feared to tread.
    In the shadows, and desolation.
    Here I heard the prayers of those I would call brother,
    And was an impotent and ineffectual angel.
    Here I was born into perfection, of self, and of purpose.
    From the darkness of the abyss I cried out “I know now that I am not forsaken,”
    And was set to my task.
    I am Gods shadow cast over the earth; I am the night sky.

  10. I am the fire and the fury.
    I am that dead and damned thing burning in the night sky.
    O starry night, a flame burning it’s sign into the earth.
    A tempest wild in the chest neatly housed in the eye.
    Who has it in their mind to put a name to me?
    Who has it in their soul to put a word to me?
    Address me proper, with no name, or word.
    Address me by strange grunts, for there is no name that will suit me besides this.

  11. Know that in my path the ground shall be as fire, whereby no other shall pass.No thing shall taste of the sun in my presence, for my shadow is all, and the earth shall be made barren by my passing. Know that mine is the face of death, and I will appear to you as an Angel of light.

  12. I am the Dark Seed and all that drink of, or fill their cup of the life’s blood shall be the bearers of my wisdom. Let the skeptics for three days and nights take no food, or drink besides the blood, and by the power of that dark infusion they shall taste of the spring of inspiration.

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by Tallamonde Prem Santosh 210 on Tuesday July 31, @04:23PM

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
The only way I can respond to these words of
power, this 'spring of inspiration'.

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