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  Garlands of Union!

General Thelema Posted by T. Theadora on Sunday May 07, @08:49AM
from the floral-ties-for-happy-hitchers dept.

You will require:

  • cotton cord (mine's called cable cord);
  • florist's tape or other ribbon;
  • two dozen roses, obtained that morning;
  • a heap of jasmine, cut that morning;
  • about three hours of gathering and assembly time;
  • a sheet to carry the garland to the ritual; (or a cooler, in hot weather)

and a few extra hands can be helpful.

Chain-stitch or braid your cotton cord (Braids take more cord! Ask a crocheter if you don't know chain-stitch – it's easier demonstrated than described) to a rope eleven feet long.* Lay out the rope on a large surface. Trim the roses so their stems are between twelve and fourteen inches long – leave the thorns! Find the center of your rope and place the first two roses with blossom ends three inches apart, facing opposite directions. Bind to the rope with florist's tape. Lay eleven roses down each side of the rope; blossom ends facing the ends. Lay sprigs of jasmine along the rope. Bind jasmine and roses to the cord, carefully fastening stems but leaving blossoms free. When complete, carry it to the ritual and wrap it around the happy hitchees with your blessing. Don't knot the ends unless they ask – just drape them.

The cotton cord is a symbol of the ties that bind the hitchees. Since it's a new bond, a new rope is made for each garland. Roses and jasmine are mentioned in Liber AL as being in the palace: and red roses against white jasmine has that lovely alchemical symbolism as well as smelling divine. The sweetness of the flowers and the sharpness of the thorns are symbolic of real life.

* Eleven feet is for two hitchees of average size. For three, I'd make a seventeen-foot rope and three dozen roses; for four, twenty three feet of rope and . . .

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