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  Post-Apocalyptic Psychic Meltdown

Weirdness Posted by <AShub> on Friday May 12, @09:43PM
from the little-pink dept.

The sacred and the profane will collide May 13th, when noted impressario Chicken John will host a genuine “Devival” of the notorious Church of the SubGenius, at the Justice League, 628 Divisadero between Hayes and Grove, San Francisco, featuring not only the ranting, speechifying, blaspheming, healings and sickenings associated with the SubGenius cult, but also the return of the Game Show format made popular by Chicken and his fellow artists in recent years.

Called “The SubGenius Post-Apocalyptic Devival Tour 2000,” the show will include the debut of “The Wizard of 'Bob',” a newly designed, fully interactive performance piece which is intended to allow selected contestants to commune, through semi-occult methods, with the legendary Founder and “Epopt” of the controversial Dallas-based Church, J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, using an all-new form of guaranteed spectacular stagecraft consistent with the standard of quality previously achieved by earlier productions of Dammit! Ltd.

A blend of hard-core theology and raucous exhibitionism, the Devival will provide cult indoctrination and instruction, and offer audience members spiritual guidance to the Post-End-Times, even as they are rudely and lewdly titillated by the goings-on.

The Reverend Ivan Stang, beloved Sacred Scribe of the Church, will head the list of stellar performers, which will also include, among others, Chicken John, Attaboy & Burke, Dr. Howland Owll, and the Naked Fire Babes, who promise to deliver a profound religious experience.

The unique musical stylings of Woodpussy will highlight the evening. Woodpussy, from Los Angeles, are popular pyromaniacs at Burning Man and delighted crowds far and wide with their blend of harmony, delicate musings and gentile musical styling. On fucking fire covered in meat screaming at the top of their lungs naked.

Woodpussy is not to be missed, and mightly Chuckles the clown of Cirkus Redickuless fame is their muse who helps the band get their point across with her 'special' powers. No, she will not be doing her 'Weinie man' routine. Maybe next time . . .

A “Born Again” for “Bob,” Chicken John has vowed to stage an authentic Church of the SubGenius spectacle, uniting the devout and the blasphemous as is the fashion of the controversial cult, but bringing in his own characteristic personal touches, along with a hearty, heady injection of the “You Asked For It” spirit.

One day after putting on a similar, but quite different “Devival” for the citizens of Los Angeles, our fair sister city to the South, Chicken will enthusiastically mount the San Francisco production and vigorously bring it to its climax. Admission to the show will be a mere $10, a pittance.

The whole thing starts at 10:00 pm. Doors open at 9:00. Attendees are cautioned that they voluntarily assume the risk of serious spiritual or bodily injury just by showing up, but can expect, as is usual at these shows, that the night will be a memorable one.

For details, call (415) 440-6409.


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**Re: Post-Apocalyptic Psychic Meltdown**
by Mordecai Shapiro on Sunday May 14, @10:54AM

As everyone surely knows, “Bob is dead!”

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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