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  Bonobos in Paradise

Sex Worship Posted by <Xnoubis> on Saturday May 20, @12:11PM
from the your-monkey-or-your-wife dept.

Salon has posted a feature about the Bonobo Way, as promoted by celebrity sexologist Dr. Susan Block. The bonobos, if you haven't heard, are close relatives to the chimpanzees, but with sexual behavior much closer to that of Thelemites, including oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, male and female homosexuality, swinging, and a few things even we wouldn't publicly admit to. Dr. Block has adopted the bonobo as the mascot of her “ethical hedonism” movement. I've heard mixed reviews of her TV and radio appearances, but “The Bonobo Way” sounds like a winner.

On a related note, I've been simultaneously fascinated and appalled by reports of a book called //Bobos in Paradise// by David Brooks. Brooks describes the blending of middle-class and counter-culture values, formerly contradictory, into what he calls the Bohemian Bourgeois, or “Bobos”. This depiction hit me a little too close for comfort, but seemed somewhat incomplete. Then I realized that there should be a word for those of us who enjoy a nice latte and a currant scone after our Enochian sex magick workings: BOhemian gNOstic BOurgeois, or (yup!) “Bonobos”. It's a stereotype I could settle into.

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**Re: Bonobos in Paradise**
by Phil Me Up; Enochian Tantrick & Taoist Tickler on Saturday May 20, @06:09PM

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

It may be nonsequential, but I actually had an experience with that word in my endeavors to scrye in the Aethyrs. It was in the spring of 1998 and I was living in the immediate vicinity of Ancient Ways. It was at night and I had been working with some Entity who was showing me a different way to navigate the subtle realms. In order to make sure I was able to use the techniques of nonlinear travel he was training me to employ, we were playing a game akin to Hide and Seek. When I finally got it right, I asked him who he was, he gave me the name BONOBO. I never found out why he chose to show me this, but it is an invaluable skill to have. I was advised to ask Michael Miller about it, and I thought that was rather odd, but I did the next time I saw him. He didn't really know what to say, but knew it wasn't Enochian, proper. I eventually came to the conclusion by speaking more to this creature and others like it that it was a Three letter name
Bo-No-Bo…the “O” sound was like an elusive vowel point. The BNB, I found to be correalative to Hadit(teaching me to “Go”), in a fashion. Also, 2+50+2=54= 9×6= The multiplicity of 6 and 9, a reference to Cancer, and hence the Chariot and Cheth(418). The three O's were slightly confusing, however it became aware to me that, in a fashion, it was a reference to the Three Eyes of That Thrice Great Magician(The Devil), whose heart is Death; The three powers of “Behold!” in Liber Al
This becomes a reference to Baphomet(and hence the Sun), the duplicity of Beth as 2 inherently the coagula, and the Nun which is at the core of this, the solve. 'Ere that from which we came from, shall we return to, and hence BABALON. In the chalice of the page of Cups(Water of Earth), there is to be a found a fish, the sign of Scorpio, and the letter of Nun. Therefore, is the Magus in his own duality, the vessel of the Waters of Binah, and the Chalice of BABALON, on this plane of Earth.

All this, and it never occured to me it could just be a horny monkey out on the Astral…LOL!

Love is the law, love under will,
Fr. Raum

**Re: Bonobos in Paradise**
by <Zarathustra> on Sunday May 21, @08:34PM


For those of you who want more detailed info on this, there is a way interesting book: “Demonic Males: Apes and the Origin of Human Violence,” by Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson. This is an oft-harrowing look at our nastier side as expressed in our close cousins, the chimps.

Apparently, very few animals do the warlike human thing with border raids and murder; chimps do. This is bad news for human utopia, because it supports the theory that we (higher primates) are genetically prone to bloodlust.

But humans are also closely related to the gentler bonobos, who are not warlike and who(coincidentally?) fuck like, well, bonobos. Interestingly enough, the authors attribute the bonobos' peacefulness to a strong female social structure alongside (and roughly equal to) the male social structure. (Moral: Girt the woman with a sword; we'll all be better off.)

Excellent read.


Re: Bonobos in Paradise\\
by Kaladevi Adinatha on Monday May 22, @04:59AM
Zarathustra wrote “Girt the woman with a sword, we'll all be better off.”\\
LOL! I should say not. When a woman is suffering the effects of her lunar kalas, ready to take up any kitchen blade, wielding her tongue like some sharp weapon, may all men have the wisdom to recognize and the empathy and enthusiasm to respond with delight to woman's bloodlust, rechanneling it into the bedroom … or over the kitchen counter. Better still, may all women be so clear as to attract men whose complementary energy changes the energy of the kala with but a touch. Ahhhh, the real magick. ;→\\
Would that all warriors were disarmed by the loving embrace of a woman who carries the energy of Divine Mother with Grace.\\

Re: Bonobos in Paradise\\
by Mordecai Shapiro on Monday May 22, @10:48AM
There are swords and there are swords; there is girt and there is girt. When my woman is girt with my sword we let blood flow to Her Name!\\

Re: Bonobos in Paradise\\
by <Zarathustra> on Friday May 26, @12:20PM
OK, let's try this again:\\
To the Scarlet Woman let all power be given.\\
To reemphasize: Something that is often missed in accounts of the Bonobos is their powerful matriarchies. I think this is likely to be a source of both their peacefulness and their sexual freedom, although cause and effect are porbably intertangled here.\\
Do you agree?\\

  • |Re: Bonobos in Paradise\\
    by Mordecai Shapiro on Tuesday May 30, @02:04AM\\|

    I do somewhat agree, though I'm not at all sure that Kaladevi would.\\

**Re: Bonobos in Paradise**
by Urum Bek on Monday May 22, @11:37PM

(-: monkey see, monkey do :-)

Re: Bonobites in Paradise\\
by Urum Bek on Tuesday May 23, @12:11PM
this just goes to show that we'd rather imitate and base our philosphies on other primates. how pathetic. And some of you say you actually *like* to be considered bonobos?\\
Are you suggesting that as thelemites we're just a bunch of frolicking masturbating monkeys? even though this is currently true for some if not most of us, is this the condition we should strive for as Thelemites?\\
War and Sex each have their own places, one cannot\\
replace the other.\\

  • |Re: Bonobos in Paradise\\
    by Michael Sanborn on Tuesday May 23, @09:22PM

    I liked your first comment better.\\
    First of all, we are primates, though many of us live in denial over this. Since this is so, I find it encouraging that some primates exhibit loving, pleasurable behavior, rather than just dung-throwing and fang-bearing, as found among certain baboon tribes, for instance, or some Thelemic discussions.\\
    As Thelemites, we are beings of light, and should fulfill our luminescence to the utmost. We are also primates, and while we're at it, let's be the greatest primates we can be!\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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