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General Thelema Posted by Fr. Raum (Ch=215) on May 23, 2000 @ 02:24 PM
from the who-needs-animas? dept.

I like think of this ritual as a exoteric sacrament of one (as per Magick in Theory and Practice). It is my offering to the servants of the Star and Snake, and dedicated to the memory of Fr. 137, who told me a little history of the word “Behold!” This ritual is in the public domain, and is the result of much concerted work with many brothers and sisters at Thelema Lodge, O.T.O., in (or around) Berkeley, CA. It should be noted that the poetic nature is designed to help newcomers remember many of the phrases I've found to be key points of Thelema, all of which are found in Liber CCXX, The Book of The Law. If you use it, use it unto Nuit.

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc., are welcome. It's all good!

Let the aspirant be enflamed with prayer in the manner below, or as he will:

Unto Nuit

In the Mulier posture as per the signs of N.O.X.

Lady of the blessed Stars, who declares the Law is Love,

Who bids thee come to her breast, be ye serpent or dove;

known by thy secret name, as the secret mother of Set,

who slew his brother Asar, that Ra-Hoor was then beget.

Mother of Mourning, and the Sun, Enchantress of the Night

Within whom Khephra dwells until, born, he takes his flight.

Bend down upon me Heavenly Queen as a flame of azure.

Secret me thy kiss as Thou said, and know my will is pure!

Begin to chant, as a powerful mantra: “Had!” Repeat this while you visualize an electric bluish flame and a smell of ozone. Feel soft warm inviting lips brush against your skin all over as hands (and other body parts) caress you, penetrate you, and recieve you. You remain in this attitude until you start to sway, as though you might topple, and your body may start to sweat.

Embodiment of Hadit

In the attitude of Vir as per N.O.X.

The mystery cometh through the might of man that knoweth not His fate.

With wings of fire, shall he aspire to rend Heaven's gate!

Coiled within the breast of men, a purple gleam in cunning eye

Delivering death to the decieved, who believe “That Thou Must Die.”

Arise within, o splendrous serpent, whose thirst shall never slake,

Burn upon my brow as thou do on servants of the Star and Snake!

Open mine eyes to gemmed skies, spoils of war thou hast waged,

It is my will that I might “Behold!” Nuit as my will is unassuaged.

Repeat as a mantra: “Nu!” Repeat until there is a burning in your chest (a fire, not a heart attack!).

Feel the circulation of vital fluids in your body. Crouched down, make sure you keep your back straight. With pressure on your temples, you should become intimately aware of a tingling, as though you are being poisoned: a numbness. (I find that this causes a excess amount of saliva to be produced.)

Invocation of Ra-Hoor-Khuit

In the posture of Horus or the Enterer.

So it is written, revealed, and concealed, that Ra-Hoor is Crowned as Lord

with Nemyss of blue and kisses of Nu, he shall girt the harlot with a Sword.

To Hoor is all reverence, Lord of Silence, who sees all with his Hawks Eye,

That “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” under the night sky.

Come thou o Mystical King, I stand as thy servant between the palace doors

Make me o God as an engine of war with you as my strength, vigor, & force!

The light is mine! and I am yours, thou who commanded the virgin to “Lurk!”

That I might know the secret four-fold word, and accomplish the Great work!

Retire to the sign of Silence (Harpocrates), and stand firmly. Feel the sounds around you flow through you, but don't reply. Hold the silence inside until you can bear it no longer. Then slowly and deliberately let the word “Abrahadabra” build forcefully in your mental voice. Taste each syllable. Slowly build a momentum and feel/fill your essence with this, the reward of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Mentally repeat this word until it thunders inside your head. As before, you may notice very physical signs of this work. (In my experience it is akin to the circulation of L.V.X. as in the Middle Pillar.)

When the current is built and the climax is reached, project the word forward with your own mouth and the sign of the Enterer.

Feel the blue flames surge in you, through you, and out through your arms, as your flesh becomes golden and the sky is split with a Hawk's cry. See the blue – immense in its proportions – coil in on itself before you, and become a lovely woman with gold spangles and black hair. She kisses you, and then grows to tremendous size. Her countenence becomes Infinite space.

The gold of your flesh slithers like the liquid metal effect of mercury, centered in your heart. As it converges at your chest, it begins to saturate your body and your skin returns to its natural color.

Now, as you are in the presence of yourself, vibrate “Aum-Ha” five times slowly, and ground.

When you feel “back,” take three steps forward and say, “Abrahadabra.”

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The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

**Re: Behold!**
by Sidney F on Wednesday May 24, @09:00PM

“Was then beget?”

  • |Re: Behold!\\
    by Fr. Raum on Wednesday May 24, @09:14PM\\|

    It rhymed!\\

  • |Re: Behold!\\
    by Michael Sanborn on Wednesday May 24, @10:54PM

    Well, let's see… how to fix?\\
    I'm assuming that her secret name is “Infinite Space and the Infinite Stars thereof.” If so, you could say something like,\\
    “thou knew the god Osiris, the Lord Ra-Hoor to beget.”\\
    But maybe somebody has a juicier verb than “knew”?\\

  • |Re: Behold!\\
    by Mordecai Shapiro on Wednesday May 31, @10:58AM

    For my fellow grammarians/perverts I would also note that “enflamed” should properly be “inflamed”. I myself wouldn't post an article here that hadn't been extensively proofed (or at least spell-checked!).\\

**Re: Behold!**
by David R. Jones on Sunday May 28, @04:09PM

Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the Law.

Hmmm I think that the documents indicate that Puer is Hadit in the NOX signs and Vir is Therion, likewise Mulier would be Babalon and Puella Nuit. I know this seems contra JHVH in some ways but a number of rituals both open and concealed all seem to indicate that this is the case.

Love is the law, love under will.

David R. Jones aka ^333^ at #thelema on Undernet

  • |Re: Behold!\\
    by Michael Sanborn on Sunday May 28, @06:18PM

    At the same time, generally those attributions (Hadit = Puer, Nuit = Puella) occur in a fourfold context. It's not so clear that they'd stay the same within threefold context. I'm thinking, for instance, of Michael being attributed to Fire in the four elements but Mercury in the seven planets as a rough precedent.\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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