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  Evocation of Kerugunaviel

Magick Posted by <Xnoubis> on May 28, 2000 @ 10:37 AM
from the wheel-of-fortune dept.

Before I started doing Liber Arcanorum workings Tibetan-style, I tried out several different structures. This one, my first attempt, was cobbled together from various Crowley sources, especially the Bartzabel Evocation and The Temple of Solomon the King. Even though there's not a lot of original material here, I offer it up as an example how a magician can adapt rituals close at hand in order to get a job done.

Square in circle. Without are 4 squares and 4 candles. Visible are Square and Seal of Jupiter and Sigil of Kerugunaviel. Triangle has names Primeumaton, Anaphaxeton, Anapheton and Mi-cha-el within, and also the Sigil of Kerugunaviel and his name. About the circle is the name IHVH.

The Magus wears black and carries a scepter. He bears the book and pen.

The Material Basis is masked and robed in blue.

The incense is cedar or cedar oil.

On the Altar are also the rope, Liber AL, and the Lamen of Jupiter.

Magus performs Banishing Pentagram rite, Invoking Hexagram rite, purifies M.B., and masks him, saying:

“By the figurative mystery of these holy vestures of concealment, doth the Lord cloak thee in the Shroud of Mystery in the strength of the Most High ANCOR AMACOR AMIDES THEODONIAS ANITOR that our desired end may be effected through thy strength, Adonai, unto whom be the Glory in Saecula saeculorum AMEN.”

He leads him to the triangle.

Returning, he recites the Lord's Prayer.

At triangle. “Frater ____! As thou art blindfolded save for that light and sight which I can give thee, so do I now bind thee, so that thou mayst be for a space subject to my authority and mine alone.” Ties hands. Takes scepter. “And since thou art without the circle in the place of the triangle, with this Scepter do I invoke upon thee the protection of Amoun, so that no force either of heaven or of earth, or from under the earth, may act upon thee, save only that force that I shall invoke within thee. AMEN.

“So then, I being exalted to the Power of the Most High, place upon thy head this drop of consecrated oil, so that the ray of Godhead may illumine thee.

“And I place this holy kiss upon thy neck, so that thy mind may be favorable unto us, open to our words, sensible of the power of our conjurations.

“And I charge thee to press thy lips four times upon the Volume of the Sacred Law [brings Liber AL to the lips of M.B.], as an offering unto the authority of the Holy One.

“Wherefore also I command thee to repeat after me:

“I submit myself to thee and to this operation: I invoke the Powers of Jupiter to manifest within me.” [Done.]

Magus places Lamen around his neck, returns to center.

Magus purifies and consecrates temple.

Magus reads the Clear Light Prayers. [From The New American Book of the Dead, by E.J. Gold]

Magus traces the Invoking Hexagram of Jupiter.

“I, ____, who stand upon the Summit of Mount Olympus, come before Thee, O Lord, prepared for the holy work of an Evocation of Kerugunaviel, genie of the path of Kaph, scale of the serpent of wisdom who resounds with the Chashmalim, who follow Tzedekiel the Great Archangel that serveth God under His name of AL, a drop within Thine ocean of boundless mercy,


“Therefore hear Thou the Oath of the Obligation, that I assume before Thee.

“I, ____, swear unto Thee, O Lord God, by Thine Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence, that I here in this place and now at this time do utterly devote myself, mind, body, and estate, at all times and in all places soever to the establishment of Thy Great Work.

“And if I fail therein, may Your mercy be lost to me!

“And this my purpose is four fold:

“Firstly, that Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

“Secondly, that we may be filled with Thy joy and peace for the establishment of Thy Work.

“Thirdly, that we may have inspiration and guidance for the execution of Your Sacred Rites.

“And, lastly, that we may obtain the service of Kerugunaviel that he may be obedient unto us Thy servants, that between him and us there may be peace, and that he may always be ready to come whensoever he is evoked and called forth.”

Magus performs the Invocation of Amoun.

“Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!

“Send forth a ray of thine endless blessing, we beseech Thee, that it may appear in the Heaven of Jupiter as the God AL.

“O Mighty Father! O blessed hand of benediction! O hurler of the thunderbolts of justice! O laughter and light! Who sittest upon the throne of heaven as a kindly and all-powerful judge! Who bearest the orb and scepter of power and authority! Who art the ascent of the soul, and the cubic stone!

“Come unto me, thou great God AL, and send thy angel Tzedekiel, even Tzedekiel the blessed, the first among the shining angels of divine love, the Chasmalim, that he may answer my behests.

“O stream of golden brilliance! O laughing eyes and open hands and warm heart!

“Tzedekiel! Tzedekiel! Tzedekiel! Tzedekiel!

“I see thee before me, O thou great Archangel! Art thou not the first of the shining ones? Of the radiant orbs whose bodies whirling in endless graceful motion weave the exquisite harmonies of Being? Whose voices sing praises as a honey which fills and glows in the core of the soul?

“Come unto me, Tzedekiel, thou all-merciful archangel, and answer my behest. In the name of AL thy Lord, I say, Compel the genie Kerugunaviel that is under thy dominion to manifest within this triangle of Art, within the Ruach of the material basis that is consecrated to this work, within this pure and worthy human form that is prepared for his habitation.

“Kerugunaviel! Kerugunaviel! Kerugunaviel! Kerugunaviel!

“Come manifest from thy retreats

To here where Jupiter's sphere meets

The earth to answer man's entreats.

Come from the place where spirits dwell

Enclosed in the invisible

To me, Kerugunaviel!

By the scepter and the spell,

To me, Kerugunaviel!

By the word ineffable,

To me, Kerugunaviel!

By the whirling citadel,

To me, Kerugunaviel!

By this mind of miracle,

To me, Kerugunaviel!

By Amoun and the great god AL

By Archangel Tzedekiel

By Chasmalim the bright who dwell

In Tzedek, by the mystical

Attainment ringing as a bell:

To me, Kerugunaviel!”

On the appearance of the genie much incense is put on the coal.

“Hail Kerugunaviel, and welcome, thou holy spirit of Kaph!

“Welcome unto us thou art who comest in the name of Tzedekiel, and of AL, and of Amoun the All-One.

“I charge thee to answer and obey.

  1. How shall Thy work be established?
  2. Give us a sign of the Joy and Peace of Jupiter, that floweth and shall overflow through us by virtue of this ceremony.
  3. Instruct us in the proper manner of the performance of the Rite of Jupiter.” [Here a detailed list of questions pertaining to the upcoming performance is omitted.]
  4. Lastly, O thou genie Kerugunaviel, lay thine hands upon this scepter, whose head I then place on thine, and swear faith and obedience unto me by Amoun the All-One, saying after me:

“I, Kerugunaviel, the genie of Kaph, do swear by the glory of the All-One, and by the Mercy of AL, and by the judgement of Tzedekiel and the Hosts of the shining ones, whose authority I follow with unswerving devotion, that I will punctually fulfill this present charge, not perverting the sense thereof, but obedient to the inmost thought of the Magus, that I will be ever the willing servant of thee and thy companions, a spirit of Truth in Justice and Mercy; that in departing I will do no hurt to any person or thing, and in particular that the material basis shall not suffer through this ceremony, but shall be purified and fortified thereby; that I will be at peace with thee and seek never to injure thee, but to protect thee and to work eternally for thy welfare; finally that I will be ready to come unto thee to serve thee whensoever I am evoked and called forth, whether by a word, or a will, or by this great and potent conjuration of Magick Art.”


“The Secret of the Father is in the Secret of the Son. And the Secret of the Son is in the Secret of the Holy Ghost. Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto ut erat in Principio et nunc est et erit semper.

“Now, O thou genie Kerugunaviel, since thou didst come at my behest and swear faith and fealty unto me by the All-One, I license thee to depart in peace with the blessing of the Lord until such time as I have need of thee.”

Banishing Jupiter Hexagram.

Lord's prayer.

Banishing Hexagram and Pentagram rituals.

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