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  Rites of Eleusis

Community Posted by <Xnoubis> on Wednesday May 31, @09:44PM
from the high-drama dept.

The annual San Francisco Bay Area production of //The Rites of Eleusis// is at hand! This is one of the best times of the year to gather and celebrate with the area's Thelemic community in a passionate combination of ritual, drama, and revelry. Below are listed the dates, places, and godforms for each of the seven rites, along with a phone number to call for further information. Bring an offering appropriate to share for each of the seven classical planets, and dress in the planetary colors.

Rite When With Where Phone
Saturn 8pm, Sat. 6/3 Suzanne Grace's [redacted]
Jupiter8pm, Thu. 6/15 Jeff Grace's [redacted]
Mars 8pm, Tue. 6/27*Leigh Ann Julia Morgan [redacted]
Sol 2pm, Sun. 7/9 Liesl Glenn's [redacted]
Venus 8pm, Fri. 7/21 BernadettePhoenix House [redacted]
Mercury8pm, Wed. 8/2 Nathan Arkadia [redacted]
Luna 7pm, Mon. 8/14 Kat Takara Sake Tasting Room[redacted]

*Rite of Mars: Doors open at 7:30, close at 8pm. Note: late arrivals might not be admitted!

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**Re: Rites of Eleusis**
by Michael Sanborn on Monday June 19, @11:03PM

The Rites cycle got off to an interesting start on the third of June. Suzanne Davenport directed Saturn as a Kali puja, a Hindu devotional rite centered on the goddess of death, darkness, and the unknown.

The ceremonial fire and vast clouds of incense helped to create an intimate, magical atmosphere, as did the supporting cast of lovely and provocatively dressed women. The rite began as a straightforward transformation of the traditional Crowley script into a Hindu theme, until they called in Kali, at the point where Mater Coeli is usually brought in. Around then, several things happened.

The CD player began seriously malfunctioning. The momentum of the cast dissolved into chaos. And the audience was captivated by the genuinely amazing performance of Kali, as played by Luna, a dancer and a newcomer to the Rites. From that moment on, it pretty much all centered on Kali.

The role of Shiva was played by Charles Humphries, who certainly looked the part, and gamely played corpse to Kali's rampages. Suzanne herself was the Guru, and seemed to be the quiet center of the goings-on, until she was plucked up and killed as Capricornus Emissarius. I found this quite disorienting, as the C.E. role isn't usually so central, but ultimately it seemed appropriate as a dramatization of ego death.

By that time, chaos had won the night, and the rest of the evening was devoted to drinking and revelry, with occasional attempts to perform something from the script, all to the accompaniment of Kali's gyrating and whipping.

So, while this rite was clearly in the “Unstructured” category, it had moments of great dramatic intensity. And as a party it was a definite success!

  • |Re: Rites of Eleusis\\
    by <Craig> on Sunday August 20, @06:39AM

    hello, many moons ago back in the early eighties\\
    my wife Meryl and i perfomed in the very first 'Rites'…With Shandra, we were at all the intire first batch of rituals, i my self played Sol, and Meryl was Scorpio Apophis, we played various parts in the other rites,….we had been a priest and priestess team at the Grand lodge,…the energy\\
    we channeled in these rituals was very potent, many intersting things happened, lightening bolts outside the window the night before the Jupiter ritual, a hawk circled Shandra's house during the Mercury one, and swords falling off the alter in Mars…and poltergist knocking in the Luna,…\\
    to this day i still fell the energy from those rituals, still reverberating, it's like we are still performing them on another level, well it is like we always think about these days and compare\\
    events in our daily lives to the experiances we had while doing them,…we are always saying that such and such reminds us of the 'Rites'…we still have powerful psychic dreams and experiances, Meryl had a experiance where she felt like she was talking to Shandra's spirit…and we see things, like objects of light, tonight Meryl saw an object that\\
    had colors of purple and green, blue and pink, that a rotating star in it, she was watching it float across the room, as i walked into the room,…i myself saw Shanrda in a dream dressed in a white robe at the precise time she passed away…all in all, even thow we left the Grand Lodge and have lived our lives hermeticaly ever since, we still feel very connected to the Spirit of Thelema…as we were talking about Crowley and if\\
    he communicates with us…and a little while later\\
    Meryl saw the star object…i know times are changing and so is the OTO, but true Thelemites never change because they are constantly changing,…paradox?, so many changes happend to Meryl and I in a space of three years, and post 'RITES of ELEUSIS'…not in a worldy sense, but on a psychic spiritual level, i had imagined that joining the OTO would have been more of a slow educational developmental process, insted it was like a wirlwind that culminated in the first Rites of Eleusis…and then not much after that us leaving the outer order…if there is any sense\\
    of historical continuity in OTO, then Meryl and i have our place in that history, regardles, nothing can change that, not historical revisionisem, not\\
    the ongoing political struggel within the confines of 'official orders'…we know what we did, and what we experianced, that will always be with us, nothing can take that away from us…93 93/93\\
    …33EE…………………..jinncat 217\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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