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  The Rites of Jupiter, Reviewed

Community Posted by <Mikal> on Friday June 16, @11:59AM
from the Ave-Jove dept.

A fine Rite of Jupiter last night at Grace's – great energy, very nice performances and generally good feelings all around.

Jeffrey Sommer was quite the imperious Jovial presence at the (literal) center of it all; he was an excellent pick for the God role.

All three of the would-be God-evokers were similarly suited to their parts in the Rite. Michael Sanborn's part was especially well-taken, and funny to boot. (And a tip o' the hat to Kat Riendeau for her excellent taste in choosing Patti Smith's “Dancing Barefoot” as her music for her petition to Jupiter!)

John Lightfoot was superbly Apollonian as King Pentheus, as were the three Bacchae who seduced him with Dionysian delights. And Elton Wildermuth ably managed a glitch-free musical program.

Sorry to say, I only caught snippets of the early part of the Rite, since I was busy helping Leigh Anne set up the Feast, which she graciously supplied at the last minute after hungry and thirsty attendees broke into the foodstuffs already on the table. I hate to admit that I was one of the premature “noshers;” perhaps in future Rites we can have “pre-Rite food” consisting of light snacks, and “Feast food” of more serious edibles.

On the whole, a very well-done Rite and Feast. Once again I was reminded why I keep coming back to these events: the professional staging of the rituals; the centuries of corporate experience in Magick boasted by the many participants; and – above all – the intelligence and liveliness of the community make for a great experience.

Next up in the Rites: Mars, on Tuesday, June 27 at the landmark Julia Morgan Theater in Berkeley, under the direction of Leigh Ann. Be there at 7:30 sharp!

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**Re: The Rites of Jupiter, Reviewed**
by <Marfiza> on Monday June 19, @12:36AM

Yes, please DO come to the Rite of Mars, aka “The Passion and Martyrdom of St. Jacques de Molay.” It'll be like no Mars you've ever seen, and the cast notes that it's much nicer to play to a full house than an empty one.

If you've seen advertising for the Rite, please be assured that the $10-20 “suggested donation” at the door is just that. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds – that thing I mentioned before about the full house being the predominant feeling here. But do be aware also that the doors close at 8pm, and there's a pretty good chance people won't be admitted after that.

Tell all your friends! Doesn't matter if they're Thelemites or not, or have ever seen a Rite or not.

You'd never know I was desperate to get butts in seats, wouldja? :/

In nomine Martis,

- M

  • |Re: The Rites of Jupiter, Reviewed\\
    by Mordecai Shapiro on Monday June 19, @04:50PM

    93 to all,\\
    Imagine this, I'm on a honeymoon with the love of my life and we're in Copenhagen, an incredibly civilized city where we even seem to have brought the good weather with us. There is an O.T.O. community here that makes us feel completely at home in a country which neither of us has ever visited before, but where now we already feel like we have good friends. They did a mass for us in Danish the night we arrived, and we did a mass for them in English tonight (our last night). We (and apparently everyone else) enjoyed both masses immensely. We want everyone there to know what a wonderful time we are having here.\\
    But damn! When I read Mike's marvelous review and Leigh's tantalizing description of what's to come I really wish that I could be part of it. It's nice to know we'll be coming back from such a great trip to such a great home. Love is a hell of a great law, isn't it!\\
    93 93/93 Mordecai\\

**Re: The Rites of Jupiter, Reviewed**
by Michael Sanborn on Monday June 19, @11:05PM

Jupiter was indeed a lot of fun. For a review of this year's Rite of Saturn, see my comment under The Rites of Eleusis.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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