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  Nuit Sneak Preview

Art Posted by <Marfiza> on Monday June 19, @10:54PM
from the thelemic-rock?-in-berkeley?-Nuuuuu dept.

The ultra-top-secret musical project on which Elton and Leigh Ann have been working for more than a year and a half, and of which they've been letting slip an enticing hint here and there, is finally out there where people can hear it…

Goth stylings, dance/house/trance loops, Middle Eastern spice. Techno-Sufism, atmospheric, evocative. It's Nuit.

– and it's still work in progress, but you can hear what we've been spending time all that time doing with a visit to MP3.com. We're aiming to generate interest early, for a full CD release on or about 1 October; if we can get on the Goth charts at MP3.com by virtue of lots of folks listening to our cuts there, that'd be a good start.

Your comments are welcome!

- M

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